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The First 7 Virtual Reality Games You Should Try on Your VR Gear

First 7 Virtual Reality Games Yoiu Should Play on Your VR Gear

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So probably, you just bought your virtual headgear or maybe thinking of buying one. The second thought that would enter your mind is the first set of games to play on your new toy. And that is what this list is all about. The games below are the best games on steam right now and are compatible with Oculus Rift VR, and the newest VR gear that Valve offered to the market, the HTV Vive.


Subnautica is a survival game that let you explore into the depths of an unknown alien underwater world filled with both wonderful and dangerous creatures. It is also a PC game which you can also play on your PC gaming console. With its marvelous graphics, be enchanted with the mysterious world of Subnautica and unravel the mysteries that lie within its depths. Survive in this unknown world by scavenging, crafting equipment and collecting the resources you need in order to live.

Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes

Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes is a strategy and survival game where the one player is trapped in a virtual room with a ticking bomb. The other players outside the room will play the role of the “experts” which will be the ones to give the instruction to the hostage on how he can defuse the bomb by deciphering the information in a bomb defusal manual they have their hands. However, the catch in this game is that those experts couldn’t see the bomb.

Hover Junkers

If you’ve always dreamed of a shooting game in a virtual setting then Hover Junkers is the perfect game for you to try. Hover Junkers lets you engage in a multiplayer VR gunfight setting that lets you experience experience a life-like gunplay. The game also lets you select up to 17 different ships called Hover Junkers that you can pilot.

Universe Sandbox ²

Ever dream of controlling the course of space in your own hands, well that is Universe Sandbox has to offer to VR players. It lets you create and destroy on an unimaginable scale with no one stopping you from doing so. Universe Sandbox is your own space simulator that lets you control real-time gravity, the collisions of space bodies and other material interactions existing in our universe.

Elite Dangerous

Elite Dangerous is a massive multiplayer, simulation game that brings an open world adventure to its players and lets you explore the Milky Way galaxy with it’s full galactic proportions. To survive the dangers of the galaxy, you must learn to earn skills and knowledge, as well as wealth and power to stand among the ranks of the Elites. Blaze your own trail as you explore the 400 billion star systems.


A popular indie game that took Steam by surprise, Audioshield is the best game to try on HTC Vive. It puts a player in a virtual room wherein he’s placed in a point of impact from virtual blocks that will fire on your way for every hit in your songs. You need to block the incoming virtual orbs with your shields and enjoy the music.

Space Pirate Trainer

Space Pirate Trainer is the perfect action game to play on your HTC Vive. This game allows its player to pick their own blaster, don their own sneakers and fight their way up to Space Pirate Trainer hall of fame. Dodge on incoming lasers and enter the virtual world of Space Pirate Trainer.

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