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CLG and G2 win LCS Spring Split Finals

G2 vs Origen (3-1)


Photo Source: Youtube

The first game started off slowly with a few kills being found across the map for both teams, but no one getting a significant advantage in the first 10 minutes of the game. The turning point came at about 15 minutes into the game where G2 found a great team fight after taking a dragon and picked up 4 kills, giving up none. This resulted in G2 being able to break open the map and start picking up several towers. G2 grabbed another team fight win and was able to grab a Baron to extend their lead even more. Origen attempted a last minute team fight at their base and were successful in defending and even picking up a Baron, but G2 answered back with an ace to close out the game.

The second game was reminiscent of the first with the first 10 minutes being quiet except for a kill being traded on either side. Origen made an adjustment in this game and from the 10 to 20 minute mark they put their stamp of authority on the game by winning skirmishes and team fights across the map. G2 hung on by grabbing several turrets for themselves, but Origen kept piling on to their advantage and despite a great last minute defense by G2, Origen were able to finish off the nexus.

Origen started off game three quickly by grabbing a kill in the opening minutes of the game to give themselves the slightest advantage. G2 were undaunted and quickly equalized this and picked up even more kills after successful skirmishes to boost themselves to a lead that they would never give up. The rest of the game proceeded in a fashion where G2 would grab several picks and secure several objectives to build up their lead. A poor call to go for Baron from G2 gave Origen a chance as they picked up 4 kills, but G2 did not allow them back into the game and ultimately ended it at just over 30 minutes.

Origen once again started with a lead, this time grabbing 5 kills early and numerous objectives to give themselves a huge 4.2k gold lead by 20 minutes. It looked like Origen would be taking the game, and G2 was forced into a desperate Baron attempt which ended poorly after they lost 2 kills as a result. The silver lining was that they did manage to grab the Baron despite the lost team fight afterwards and picked up the dragon and a turret. Another Baron attempt resulted in G2 picking it up, but once again they lost the team fight giving up 3 kills and only picking up 2 in return. Still they used the Baron to grab a turret and dragon. At dragon, Origen’s xPeke was caught by G2 and G2 never looked back as they proceeded to quickly take down Origen’s base and complete the comeback to win the series.

CLG vs TSM (3-2)


Photo Source: Youtube

CLG vs TSM has been one of the oldest rivalries in the history of competitive League of Legends and once again these two teams meet on the rift. The first match was a thriller to watch as the game swung back and forth. The game began slowly with a few objectives being traded before TSM grabbed the first kill of the game and proceeded to grab 2 dragons and a turret off of it. CLG managed to answer back at around 25 minutes with a huge team fight win which resulted in a Baron and two turrets. TSM managed to punish CLG for mis-positioning and stunned their rivals with a huge ace while only losing their jungler. This allowed them to pick up the Baron and their third dragon of the game, but CLG was able to win a team fight and pick up two inhibitors as a result. TSM managed to win another team fight, but just as it seemed like the tides had turned in their favor, enemy minions flooded into their base and took down their nexus.

TSM didn’t let the first game affect their performance in the second, and came into the game by grabbing several kills to take the early lead. The next 20 minutes passed quietly with a few objectives and kills being traded. The floodgates opened after 25 minutes and TSM grabbed a 4 for 0 team fight victory followed by an ace to drive the game home quite suddenly at just over 28 minutes.

The third game would be one of the bloodiest of the series with a total of 37 kills occurring by the end of the game.  TSM were the first to be on the board by grabbing the first two kills despite being down 2 turrets. CLG answered back with a flurry of kills of their own and the game continued to be a bloodbath with teams picking up kills back and forth. The difference was that CLG was controlling the objectives much better and was up almost 10k gold despite being almost even in kills. Still TSM showed that they still had some fight left in them and clean swept the CLG team at 37 minutes. Another team fight looked like it was going their way as Doublelift picked up a triple kill early in the fight. However, Stixxay answered back with 4 kills of his own and CLG ace’d TSM to win the game.

Compared to the previous game, game four was much less fast-paced and kill focused. TSM grabbed first blood early in the game and held on to the lead all the way to the end. A last minute Baron attempt by CLG turned sour as they lost two kills and an inhibitor for it. An ace at CLG’s base sealed the deal for TSM and brought the series to the fifth and final game.

CLG were quickly on the scoreboard by grabbing the first 4 kills and turret of the game. They held on to their massive lead for 40 minutes, picking up objective after objective. TSM made the first significant dent at 31 minutes by trading 1 for 2 and picking up 2 turrets and a dragon. Another team fight allowed TSM to grab the Baron and for the first time in the game, take the gold lead after 41 minutes. Just when it looked like TSM would be able to complete the comeback, CLG ace’d TSM at dragon, and with the death timers being too long, CLG was able to make a run for the nexus and win the game.



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