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Home » Watching DotA 2 Games via VR Gear is Now Possible

Watching DotA 2 Games via VR Gear is Now Possible

Watching DotA 2 Games via VR Gear is Now Possible

Photo source from Valve Vive Promotional Video

Since the release of the VR gears, we know it wouldn’t take too long before we can finally apply their capabilities to our favorite games. And that’s what exactly Valve did, by allowing players to spectate a DotA 2 game via VR. Yes, people, we’re going to get a VR spectator mode.

Through Valve’s own Vive virtual reality gear and set connected in a gaming PC, you can now experience watching a live DotA 2 game in virtual reality. Although there’s more information needed to be reveal, it was shown as a tease in the promotional video of Steam’s VR gear, Vive. The video shows the advanced style of the DotA 2 match hanging in space which features a 3D minimap of the game in front and full-sized avatars of the players standing in the left and right side. It also shows holographic infographics that the viewer’s can access through the viewer’s controller fingertips.

However, the VR spectator mode doesn’t necessarily give you the 3D realistic view of a selected hero in the map during the game. Instead, as it is shown in the video, it provides the viewer a virtual reality theater screen to watch the match while being surrounded with the heroes chosen in the match. You can also check on the items being used by each hero. The map in the VR spectator mode provides a bird’s eye view of the match.

Although this isn’t the first time Valve actually used the concept VR in DotA 2. Just last month, the Seattle company released a video through IGN that shown a Secret Shop demo where you can explore the Shopkeeper’s secret shop before Roshan tears off the roof.

As of now, the VR spectator mode will be launch, but this looks already promising for the future of MOBA gaming.

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