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The Origin of Yordles, the Adorable Small Race from League of Legends

Yordle Squad

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If there is something in League of Legends that you wouldn’t find anywhere in other MOBA games is that it is rich in lores. From its champions, cities and races, each lores possessed a marvelous story that creates a better gaming atmosphere for each its players. One of the most popular lores in the game is the story of the legendary yordles. For LoL players, the term “yordles” isn’t something new, considered that there are several champions in the game that came from yordle race which includes Amumu, Lulu, Veigar, Heimerdinger, Corki and Teemo to name a few.

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The Yordles are described as mammalian bipedal sentients that lives on Runeterra. Although upon the appearance of the ancient yordle named Gnar in the game, a piece of the story was placed in the puzzle that yordles once roamed Valoran during the pre-historic times. There were even records that shows the presence of the yordles during the reign of the ancient Frejlord. This proves that the yordles existed longer than what others have thought of.

One notable thing about yordles is their small stature. According to League’s history, since the time began, yordles lived in a tight neat family likely similar to a pack. And because they are small, they are known for hunting animals. It is also said that during their evolution, yordles lost their front canine teeth and tails. Although the same evolution also give way for their brains to develop. The pre-historic yordles learned to use tools to hunt their preys and protect themselves from enemies, one could clearly see this from Gnar’s boomerang and primeval instincts. It wasn’t long till yordles evolved into a more advanced specie.

Yordles live near the in safety in the lands of Sablestone Mountain range

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As of this day, yordles live near the in safety in the lands of Sablestone Mountain range, which is located in the southeastern part of Valoran. But most of their population eventually transferred to Ruddynip Valley which is later given the name, Yordle Land where the modern day Bandle city resides. Upon the development of their magic, knowledge, science and art, the yordles became an important part of Valoran. So before you started playing League in your gaming PC or laptop, remember that these yordles perfectly characterized the phrase “small but terrible”–just remember how Teemo can personified Satan on the Summoner’s Rift.

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