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10 Least Used DotA 2 Heroes

Considered as a popular MOBA game that took the gaming world by storm, DotA 2 is a versatile game that can be both played in a gaming PC or PC gaming console known as steam machines. It allows players to take control of several characters known as heroes to battle out in a 5v5 battle. Offering up to 111 heroes, DotA 2 has a list of its most used hero and least used heroes as well, and here’s the list of the latter.

● Arc Warden

Being the first one in the list, Arc Warden has the lowest pick rate in the game with only 0.60%. Arc Warden is the newest hero in the game which was just released December of last year. He is a ranged carry hero that is very skilled as a nuker. However, since he is a new hero not everyone is skilled in using him.

● Oracle

Oracle has the second lowest picking rate in the game with a score of 1.54%. However with his skills, Oracle can be quite confusing to use especially when you haven’t entirely learned execute his skills correctly.

● Chen

With the power to convert the creatures of the forest to his cause, Chen is very skilled in acting as a ranged support and pusher. Although he may control almost every creeps in the jungler, this skill makes him even harder to manage. He has a low pick rate of 2.01%.

● Visage

Visage is one deadly scout to enter the field, he’s a ranged nuker that can also act as a disabler and can also be durable in the same process. However, he has pick rate of 2.14% perhaps for the reason that finding a combo for his skill takes a lot of practice.

● Winter Wyvern

Although a very powerful hero, Wyvern has a surprising low pick rate of 2.21%. The reason behind this is perhaps unlike other hero, Wyvern just has her ultimate skill to act as a disabler and perhaps an initiator if executed in the right time.

● Elder Titan

Scouting the field with his astral spirits, Elder Titan is a durable initiator and melee nuker that can also act as a disabler. However, he only has a pick rate of 2.64% but might be a little harder to use compare to other durable tank-type hero.

● Io

Io is a versatile support that can easily escape at his enemy’s’ hands. But his skills are quite versatile and needs a lot of practicing to do before one player could get a hang of it especially with his ultimate skill and spirits.

● Earth Spirit

Earth Spirit can keep his enemy in chaos which makes him an effective melee nuker. He has a low pick rate of 3.15% for the reason that his skills need to be executed properly and with the right combo or else fail in using him.

● Beastmaster

He might have the power to use the animals to his command but this doesn’t make him very popular among the players with a low pick rate of 3.21%. However, Beastmaster can act as a melee, initiator, disabler and nuker, which makes him a versatile hero.

● Shadow Demon

Whether it’s spewing out demonic poison on his enemies or scouting the battlefield, Shadow Demon acts a great ranged support that can also act as a disabler, initiator and nuker. But with a ranged of difficult skills to use in the battlefield, he has a low pick rate of 3.37%.


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