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All Time DOTA 2 Heroes with the Highest Winning Rate

Being one of the most popular MOBA game up to date, considered how it tops the most downloaded game in Steam charts and the range of compatibility it offers, how it could be played both in gaming PCs and PC gaming console. Another thing that makes it so popular is the heroes. By now, DoTA 2 there is 111 playable heroes in the game that you can control and summon on the battlefield. But let’s face it; some heroes are indeed better than others. That’s why, for today’s article, we’re going to name the top 10 all time Dota 2 heroes with the highest winning rate.

1. OmniKnight

With a winning rate of 57.71%, who would have thought that a support like OmniKnight will gain the first spot in the list. OmniKnight is a melee support/durable hero that can also act as nuker when built correctly. Often played in the safe lane, OmniKnight creates a powerful presence for his allies.

2. Abaddon

With a winning rate of 57.52%, Abaddon is a melee-range carry that acts as a durable support. He can transform enemy attacks to self-healing which allows him to survive almost any assault. He can shield allies and launch his double-edge coil at any friend or foe.

3. Necrophos

With a winning rate of 57.12%, Necrophos is a walking death stalker that makes his enemies life bars decrease without doing anything thanks to his Heartstopper Aura. He can also restore health to his friends and can summon a reaper to end his enemies’ lives and lengthen their stay in the underworld.

4. Zeus

With a winning rate of 56.19%, Zeus the great god of Olympus has just descended from Earth and is set to unleash his unstoppable power for the world to see. He can call a bolt down to reveal near surroundings, send an arc of electricity coursing through enemies or a summon a volley of lightning to put an end to all enemies.

5. Spectre

With a winning rate of 55.69%, Spectre can haunt her enemies wherever they go. She can easily destroy his foe with ease. She can also spread her presence throughout the battlefield to choose her target. Once she has gathered enough strength, no one can escape from death.

6. Wraith King

With a winning rate of 55.42%, Wraith King is a melee carry that can act as disabler, initiator and a durable support. He can stun his foes, slash them into submission and can self-resurrect himself to have another chance to swing his sword.

7. Warlock

With a winning rate of 55.08%, Warlock is a ranged disabler that can both act as initiator and support that can summon a gigantic demonic golem to ruin enemies and destroy their turrets. Yet even without the support of his golems, he can both harm his enemies with his dark spells but heal enemies.

8. Lich

With a winning rate of 54.87%, Lich is a powerful hero that acts as a ranged nuker and a support. He helps his teammates kill enemies by slowing them down using his frost. Should his enemies make a tiny mistake; his bouncing ultimate can make his enemies lifebars disappear.

9. Ursa

With a winning rate of 54.68%, Ursa is a melee carry with a disabler and a durable jungler. His sharp claws can rip his enemies easily and can increase his enemy’s vulnerability which each attack. He can tear apart anyone who blocks his way.

10. Centaur Warrunner

With a winning rate of 54.15%, Centaur Warrunner is a melee disabler that can also act as both an initiator and a nuker. He can both inflict damage and absorb, and stomp his enemies. He can also quicken the pace of the carnage.

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