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League of Legends April Fool’s Skins 2016

League of Legends April Fool's Skins 2016

One of the most celebrated holidays that League of Legends love is April Fool’s Day where they even create dedicated skins for the celebration. And this year is no exception because on the last PBE 6.6 cycle update, we welcomed this year’s batch of April Fool skins which includes Draven Draven, Urf Kench, Meowkai, and Definitely Not Vel’Koz. Here are the breakdowns of the following skins that will surely make your LoL gameplay a little more fun and exciting whether you’re playing on your gaming PC or gaming laptop.


750 RP

DEFINITELY NOT VEL’KOZ DEFINITELY NOT VEL’KOZ, a busniess man or a fishy manatee

Also designed by Galetta, Definitely Not Vel’Koz is either a businessman or a fishy manatee set to walk into the paths of Summoner’s Rift. And although most people say he looks like Vel’Koz, let’s just make things clear that he doesn’t know the guy and isn’t related to him by any chance.



Draven Draven

We all know Draven is a big-headed champion set to kill anyone he wants and laugh at their dead bodies. So someone from Riot decided to take things literally and put a big head on Draven to emphasize this. This skin includes a big and bloated Draven head, and comes with a set of Draven themed minions–each with their own big Draven head.


1350 RP


Meowkai has everything you love about the internet, kitty cats and rainbows. Meowkai comes with a collection of magical cats that can kill you with their cuteness. Designed by Galetta, this skin includes new model and textures, new particles, recall animations, and new SFX on his first, second and third skill.


750 RP


Urf Kench is well a hybrid of Urf and Tamn Kench but if you’re going to ask me if it’s as cute as Urf then I’m not really sure what to answer. This skin includes new model and textures, recall animations, and comes with all the gross animations Kench is known of.

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