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Home » League of Legends: The New Sci-Fi Inspired “Program Skins” to Arrive in the Rift

League of Legends: The New Sci-Fi Inspired “Program Skins” to Arrive in the Rift

The League has never been short of skins that showcase futuristic and sci-fi concept that never fail to amuse us. We could see this from the success of the first generation Mecha skins such as Mecha Khazix, Mecha Malphite and Mecha Aatrox, and the Project skins of Yasuo, Fiora, Leona, Zed and Lucian which even had a cinematic trailer. That’s why we couldn’t wait to share this new sci-fi inspired series of skin that will arrive in the rift which will be called Program skins.

With the new PBE 6.7 comes the new skin series along with the Legendary Mecha Sion. The series includes Program Lissandra and Program Soraka. The new skins of these two champions feature AI robotic designs that will grace the Summoner’s Rift and would probably uplift your gaming experience the next time you play LoL in your gaming PC.


1350 RP


Program Lissandra is the perfect A.I.

Described by its designer Galetta, Program Lissandra is the perfect A.I. who doesn’t tolerate imperfection. All she needs is one wrong move from you to entomb you in her digital prison. Program Lissandra includes new model and textures, new particles, a different recall animation and new SFX and Vo processing.


1350 RP

PROGRAM SORAKA Program Soraka, a gentle healbot

Unlike Program Lissandra to delete any imperfection, Program Soraka has been reprogrammed to be a gentle healbot. She is designed to monitor the health of her allies thanks to the help of her trusty heart-monitor staff. Program Soraka features a new robotic model, along with new particles for her abilities, new recall, new audio and VO process.

These skins are up although their designers welcome feedback and bugs for them to get a better idea for improvements.


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