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April Fool’s Across Esports


It’s that time of year again when March has just ended and the jokes and pranks come out in full force.  Some of Esports’ top community members and even some of the game officials themselves have decided to trick fans today with several clever pranks.


Photo Credit: Reddit

Faker’s LeBlanc Clone Goes Wrong (LoL)

Maybe you thought that SKT was the best team in the world.  After all, they have Faker as the mid-laner for the team.  How can you make such a team better when they have such a veteran lineup?  Why by having a full team of Fakers instead.  Meet SK Telecom Lee 1.  The team that was recently formed, has seen unparalleled success and a never before seen level of communication.  This could be because of their uncanny telepathical communication or because they are the same person.


Photo Credit: Deviant Art

xPeke the Artist (LoL)

It is time for the veteran of the EU LCS to finally retire and pursue his life’s passion, art. Origen have decided to part ways with xPeke so that he can fully pursue his dream of becoming an artist.  From the rift to the drawing board, we will miss you xPeke.

Red Tradeups to Knives (CS:GO)

The long awaited update from Valve has finally been implemented.  Covert weapon skins, also known as “Red” skins can now be traded up for a random knife.  OG Mcskillet posted a video  in which he trades up 10 AUG Chameleons worth about $25 dollars and receives for himself a Karambit Doppler Sapphire worth $2000.  Truly Valve has listened to the prayers of the community.  The AUG Chameleon has seen an upward trend in sales with about $20,000 worth being sold in the last 5 hours.

It’s Time to D-D-D-D-Duel (Heartstone)

Return to a simpler time about 8 years ago when Yu-Gi-Oh was the top trading card game in the world.  Well, now you can.  Heartstone has announced that they will be changing all of their cards to feature the old days when Yu-Gi-Oh was still popular.  Cards such as the ever popular, Exodia, will now be moved over to Heartstone where it will see out the end of its days.

April’s Not Fools? (DotA 2)

Valve’s April’s Fools joke for DotA 2 is a spectacular one.  Give the community what it wants in the newest update.  Maybe the joke will be to let the community taste a bit of enjoyment and then rip it all away by cancelling the update the next day.


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The Cutest Zerg Commander There Ever Was (Starcraft 2)

Most of the time, you wouldn’t really call the Zergs cute and cuddly especially with all their spines, mandibles and crawly features.  However, Blizzard has welcomed a new Co-Op Zerg Commander to their ranks of the ones that already exist and the approval rating for the new commander has already skyrocketed.  Equipped with attacks like Lick and Tail Wag, the pink Zergling is sure to be a fright to whatever enemy you will face in the field.

More, More, More

There are many more April Fool’s pranks from many different gaming communities and games.  Just be careful not to fall too hard for them, but have a good laugh and enjoy the day of pranks.

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