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New Legendary Heartstone Card: Ragnaros, Lightlord


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Previously, Ragnaros the Firelord was considered an “evil” legendary card with its ability to deal 8 damage to a random enemy. In the new Heartstone expansion, the Firelord will be re-branded as the Lightlord and instead of the 8 damage to a random enemy, the card will now restore 8 health to a damaged friendly character. The new card is classified as a Paladin legendary and is a far cry from its previous iteration. According to the developers, they decided to flip around the nature of different cards, good becoming evil and evil becoming good in this newest expansion.  Because Ragnaros’ previous form had been of an evil elemental character, this change would re-brand him as a defender of good and the warrior to stand against evil, quite a change from his previous nature.  Another difference between the Firelord and Lightlord is that the Lightlord is given the ability to attack whereas before, the Firelord couldn’t.  This will result in a card that needs to be dealt with instead of potentially just being ignored as the Firelord.  As such, this new card could be instrumental to building a successful Paladin deck.

For more information check out IGN’s site.

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