AliSports (Alibaba) Announces Huge Esports Tournaments


Photo Credit: Alibaba

The Alibaba Group is to Asia what Amazon is to the United States. The Chinese company holds the market in Asia for online commercial sales. Just today, the company’s Esports division announced that they will be hosting several huge tournaments spanning across 4 of the largest Esports games. For CS:GO and DotA2, two of the largest Esports games, the Chinese company announced a prize pool of $1.5 million for each. For DotA2, this would not be the largest tournament as their majors total a larger prize pool. However, for CS:GO, this tournament would surpass the prize pools for both the majors and also for the new ELEAGUE. In addition to the tournaments for CS:GO and DotA2, Alibaba will also be sponsoring a $400,000 tournament for Starcraft 2 and a $300,000 for Heartstone. For participants, all of these tournaments will feature a lengthy qualifying process with the main tournament taking place in China. The company has stated that they would look to host future events in other countries around the world. The collective tournaments will be known as the World Electronic Sports Games or also World Cyber Games.


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