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7 Things That Every ARK: Survival Evolved Player Should Know

7 things to know to survive ARK when playing on 4k gaming pc

Photo Source from Ark: Survival Evolved Steam Page

ARK: Survival Evolved was a game that was long been released in 4k gaming pc consoles but was just first introduced in Windows and Steam machines last June 2015. The game follows the story of a person that woke up in a mysterious island with a prehistoric environment, complete with leviathan dinosaurs and primeval creatures that once roamed the planet. This gives the game an impressive graphics that has been praised by gamers And what does the game offers you? Well, the game challenges you to survive in its harsh living ecosystem.

And if you think surviving in the game is easy? Then you’re getting it all wrong. Everything in the game will try to kill you, which means that you’re going to be in the bottom of the food chain. Oh, and did I mentioned that other players online will also try to hunt you as well? Yes, it’s a game of survival and wits, way more challenging that you’re average idea of what the reality TV game Survivor feels like.

If you’re interested to play the game, then I suggest for you to know these 10 things before you enter the world of ARK.

1. Learn the basic fast.

When you enter the world of ARK, you’ll start with a tutorial and I pretty much suggest not to skip anything. It’ll teach you the basic information on how to survive in the game, which means, it will teach you how to find food or build your shelter.

2. Optimize your tools and resources.

The idea here is to embrace the feeling as you are stranded in the forest. Use the flint only when you need fire, get more wood from trees and learn how to build tools.

3. Build a shelter but don’t stick to it.

Like what any survivor will do when stranded in a mysterious island, the first thing you need to do after you’ve found enough food is to try and build a decent shelter to keep you from the harsh environment. But I suggest for you to change your base every now and then or you’ll be hunted easily.

4. Make friends with other players online.

You know the strategy used by the players in Survivor or the fictional characters of Hunger Games to win the game? Well, it applies in this game as well. Make allies and keep them close. They will help you survive long in the game.

5. Be cautious.

I don’t care if it’s just an online game which you can restart any time you want because if that’s your mindset then you’re going to have a hard time. You need to protect yourself at all cost, as well as your resources and your base.

6. Train a dinosaur.

Yes, it will be hard especially when you know nothing about how to pet a humongous creature like that. But start with a pack of raptors or dinosaurs that are easily to train. You can try getting bigger ones once you’re well-acquainted to the game.

7. Be aware of coming changes.

The game is still being developed even though it is already release so be aware that there will be changes every now and then. New maps, new dinosaurs and new challenges are going to be added.

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