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Will DotA2 Ever Release an Original Hero?

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The game DotA had come a long way since its beginnings as a mod from Blizzard’s WarCraft III. As of now, its stand-alone sequel DotA 2 is considered as one of the best MOBA games in history alongside its rival League of Legends. The only difference is that DotA 2 is also compatible to PC gaming console unlike the latter MOBA game. But since DotA 2 was released in the public in the year 2013, all the heroes that were released came from the original DotA game which kept gamers wondering whether Blizzard will ever release an original hero to the group. But will they?

Currently, DotA 2 has a total of 111 playable characters all coming from its prequel game. The last hero that was released by the end of 2015 was Arc Warden, and the only hero that hasn’t been release but exists in the prequel is Pit Lord which will take the name Abyssal Underlord when released in DotA 2. Although still in development, once Abyssal Underlord is release then what will Valve’s next step be?

Well, according to Valve’s Erik Johnson during his interview in IGN back in 2014, he confirmed that DotA 2 will indeed add up new heroes once the Allstars rosters are all released. Yes, people, once Pit Lord or Abyssal Underlord is playable, we’re going to expect new heroes and new gameplay to keep everything more exciting. As Erik had said, the release of characters will be on-going and it will never stop, because they don’t have any plans to create DotA 3 because it doesn’t really make sense. DotA 2 was created to offer everything that DotA couldn’t offer to its players, whether it’s the costumes, the advanced graphics, a more challenging gameplay or new heroes we have never seen before.

We the most awaited release of Abyssal Underlord, we couldn’t be more excited to what DotA 2, it’s creators and developers, has to offer more to its players. And yes, Valve, we’re waiting to be amaze and surprise.

3 thoughts on “Will DotA2 Ever Release an Original Hero?”

    1. Blizzard might have to give them the rights to new characters, seeing as all the current heroes and their stories originate from the Warcraft world. I assume they could just make completely new ones with zero ties but that might be a bit detached lore wise.

      1. No they don’t, all Valve needs to do is change the names, they’ve already re-done the stories. That’s why Centaur Warchief became Centaur Warunner, etc. Blizzard don’t own anything about DotA outside of names that exist within the Warcraft universe.

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