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Aurelion Sol, the Updated Version of Ao Shin?

RioT’s League of Legend is again making abuzz with the preview of its latest champion, Aurelion Sol. This new champion happens to have the looks of a mythical dragon that includes the ability to fly over terrains and possessed the celestial powers of the stars. A new exciting character with skills that has tremendous graphic effects that will urge you to play League of Legends on a 4K gaming PC. However for some RioT fans, Aurelion Sol pretty much looks like the delay champion known as Ao Shin, which was first featured as the opponent of the Spirit Guardian Udyr.

Many have waited for Ao Shin to arrive at the Summoner’s Rift but 2014 and 2015 has passed, that it seems RioT is about to put his idea in their storage along with the other unused champions. Their reason? Well, it was said that Ao Shin didn’t exactly fit in the existing lores of the game. There is just no place to include him, thus RioT decided to cancel him despite the previous teasers that was released. However on February, Iniquitee posted an announcement on the League of Legends board has confirmed the details to what really happened to the development of Ao Shin. He confirmed the fact that Ao Shin will never make it on the Summoner’s Rift, however a new dragon will appear and take on his spot. This dragon we’re talking about is no other than “Aurelion Sol, the Star Forger”.

So why did Ao Shin never made it in the Rift? Well, according to Iniquitee, Ao Shin’s character model, skill kits and thematic roots didn’t fit anywhere in League of Legend’s lore. In the first place, the only dragon known in the game is Shyvanna, the Half-Dragon. Her dragon form possessed the western dragon with wings and fire breathe, pretty much different to Ao Shin’s features. Even Ao Shin’s storm-wielding abilities didn’t even match with the game’s reference that RioT couldn’t do anything but delay his release.

It was not long after that RioT decided to rework the lore of Mt. Targon’s champions which includes Pantheon, Diana and Leona. They have been pushing this idea since last year, and with this came the decision to finally release another dragon in the Rift. Aurelion Sol features the same Eastern dragon, a serpentine-like creature that has the ability to fly. Unlike, Ao Shin though Aurelion possessed the powers of the stars thus his title “The Star Forger”. He will enter the Rift once the lore rework of Mt. Targon has been updated, revealing another unknown history to the its people: the Solari, the Lunari, the Rakkor, the Peak and The Silver City. And we just couldn’t wait not to meet him.

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