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New Class for Blade & Soul is Revealed: Warlock

Playing Warlock on 4k gaming pc.

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Blade and Soul has finally revealed its new class to join in with the group. The Warlock is the eight class to be added in the game starting on March 2. Also known as the Shaman, it’s designed for a mid-ranged combat, and will be joining the other classes in the game including Assassin, Blade Dancer, Blade Master, Destroyer, Force Master, Kung Fu Master, and Summoner.

The Warlock uses talismans that they infuse with magic to create spells, projectiles, or when summoning creatures. The main weapon introduced with the Warlock is a dagger which they use along with the floating spell tags surrounding them during combat. One of the best things about the new class is its ability to summon apparitions that will deal physical damage for the Warlock. These apparitions also can serve as distraction, thus protecting the Warlock or his teammates from any damage. It also has two main damaging skills known as Dragoncall and Wingstorm, which when used as combos can reduce or even reset the cooldown on both spells. It’s powerful abilities provides an outstanding graphics and animation that makes it worth playing on a 4k gaming PC.

The Warlock also has binding abilities that surrounds enemies and can do damage upon its pulses. It also has some abilities that are reminiscent of lightning. This class is great to act as a crowd control during PvE fights or missions to help his party/teammates by summoning apparitions, or supporting them with his buffing abilities.

According to the Blade and Soul official website, the Warlock needs to kill his opponents as quickly as possible before being overwhelmed by its opponent’s skill. Thus, its combos Dragoncall and Wingstorm should be cast at instant-case scenarios and be optimized to full usage for the Warlock to have an advantage especially in a PvP battle.

The Warlock is actually the second dedicated ranged class which was described as “a class with great power but considerable fragility”. This class works well during PvE battles with its incredible support buff, and in PvP battles thanks to its set of defensive skills which works well when supported by his powerful offensive skills. Warlock provides another competitive class for the other classes to battle upon the open world of Blade and Soul.

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