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10 Things To Know About the New “Far Cry Primal”

Things to know when playing far cry primal in gaming laptop

Far Cry Primal is the newest game released Ubisoft under the series Far Cry. However the latest version from the series is quite different from all the past games, since Far Cry Primal is not a first-person shooter game. To start with since the main character will not be carrying any guns or artillery, because he is actually a primitive man. Yes, people, Ubisoft introduces us to a new game set during the Stone Age.

Released on February 23, 2016, Far Cry Primal takes on the story of a man named Takkar, who sets out on a journey into a dangerous environment as he strives to become a team leader. If this isn’t enough to pique your interest then here are 10 reasons you should know about Far Cry Primal.

1. Takkar, your main character, which you will be controlling throughout the game, is the last surviving member of a tribal group. You’re main goal is to survive in a primitive world where you stand as a prey.

2. Far Cry Primal actually allows you to ally with memorable characters to help you growing your tribe, and honing your skills to protect your people. But building your tribe also means that protecting it from enemy tribes from attacking you.

3. Set during the Stone Age era, the world you’re going to discover is ruled by large and wild animals that has one instinct: to kill and survive. Journey on the breathtaking land of Oros with all its glory, just keep yourself away from the dangers lying in the forests such as wolly mammoths, dire-wolves, sabretooth tigers and other giant animals that ruled the Earth during that time.

4. According to its official website, Far Cry Primal isn’t the typical Stone Age you know from your history books. It is the Stone Age made by Far Cry, the time of irreverence and mayhem.

5. The best thing about this game is that it allows you to become a beast master. This means you’re going to be the first human who can actually tame wild animals from owls to direwolves. Oh, and did I tell you that you can also tame sabretooth tigers?

6. Each predator is gifted with specific abilities that will help you. You first companion which is an owl will serve as your eye in the sky. Direwolves are useful in warning you when danger is near, while sabretooth tigers gather resources when you’ve attain their loyalty. Jaguars can perform deadly stealth attacks, and bears can destroy anything standing in their way.

7. As a beastmaster, grow and tame your pets to aid you in becoming the tribe leader. Protect your people, kill your enemies and become the strongest beast master the Stone Age has ever seen.

8. There are three tribes existing in the Far Cry Primal: the Udam, the Wenja and the Izila. Izila is a divine tribe who believes that a sun daughter is protecting them from the harsh extremities of nature. Udam, on the other hand, commands respect and fear. They uses brute force to gain lands and terrorized other tribes. Lastly, the Wenja is a hunting tribe that knows everything about the wild beasts.

9. The Stone Age setting of Far Cry Primal brings you a number of deadly primitive weapons to assist you and protect yourself from numerous threats. Aside from it’s dangerours threats, the land of Oros also hides secrets and unknown stories.

10. Whether you’re playing on a 4K PC or gaming laptop, gamers who have already experience playing the game commend the graphics of this game. It offers a very realistic backdrop of the Stone Age period that would let you feel that you’re not playing a Far Cry game at all.

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