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5 MOBA Players You Definitely Won’t Like to Team-Up in a Matched Game

The internet is full of different people with different personalities. There are some you’ll love, and there are also some you’ll definitely hate. And meeting these people in MOBA games isn’t avoidable–that you don’t actually need to be a magical seer to foresee it. They just exist in the game, and is pretty much a part of it. It’s just that sometimes you actually don’t want to team up with the worst versions of these players during a matched game especially in a ranked match.

But come to think of it, maybe that is also unavoidable. So instead of ranting some of my thoughts here, let me have this chance to humor every MOBA gamers, and list the 5 kinds of MOBA players that you definitely would wish you won’t team up in a ranked game.


The “glass-is-half-empty” type of person, the pessimist, or perhaps the kind of person who just don’t want to finish what he started. The quitters, sometimes referred as cry-babies, are those gamers who easily lose their will to play if they see they are being outranked by the enemy team, and will resort to their most favorite strategy, quit the game. It’s either that, or they go AFK on you, while ranting on the chatbox. Such players can demoralize a game easily like a parasite. They’re okay to be with if you’re playing an AI game, and sometimes in a normal match, but teaming up with them on a ranked match is dreadful.

What to do when you encounter one: One word: REPORT. Report these kinds of ranked players! Have no mercy!


In Scandinavian mythology, trolls lives in mountains and caves, and rarely help human beings. Well, the latter part is quite similar to the internet troll. They rarely help you win the game. Actually, the troll finds amusement in his teammate’s misery. Their main goal is to have fun, not win or lose the game. It’s just to play on his own rules, mock and play a joke on you, and enjoy the whole damned game while your teammates are working their butts off to win the game. However, there are these genius trolls who like to have fun with their selected champions and heroes, and play with their own rules but still manages to top up the game. I hope though that these are the trolls you meet.

What to do when you encounter one: Do your best to win the game, don’t mind him. And if he turns up to be worst, then resort to your last option: report.


This type of player has a large portion of his memory that stores all kind of epiphanies that you know, and may not know of. These are the type of players that I pretty much wish to buy a PC gaming console to play DotA 2 and use a steam controller instead of a keyboard. It’ll save us all from his rants on the chatbox about how our gameplay sucks, how stupid we are, and that we are noobs. He pretty knows every different kinds of way to insult you, while you’re losing the game instead of playing it.

What to do when you encounter one: Don’t mind the chatbox or just disable it. It’ll save you from misery.


It’s the 21st century so I’m still not sure why some people are still having lag and internet connection issues. However, this type of gamers usually blame their internet connection every time they do something stupid in the game such as not casting the skill on time or being killed easily in an open clash without doing anything. The question is why even play the game if you know you’re computer’s lagging?

What to do when you encounter one: Try to do the work and do depend on this character.


The KS/kill stealer are the type of gamers, which are usually those who pick long range champions that doesn’t really help when damaging the enemies but will get the last shot to kill them. I actually don’t know the idea behind this, but I am usually the type of player that will allow this on a creepshot. But to actually do such action to a teammate that’s throwing all his skills and mana just to kill the enemy, and then steal it from him actually makes you a jackass.

What to do when you encounter one: Kick this person from the party ASAP.

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  1. Dude unless your living in one of the few cities that has google fiber then your gonna run into the bullshit that is the crappy oligopoly cable provider for internet. Lags happen all the freakin time. Am I annoyed when a team mate is lagging? yes, do I get pissed about it? no. Just go on with life, be considerate, try your best and have fun cause that why we all play these amazing games.

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