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Slime Rancher: An Adorable Game To Play on Your Steam Machine

Playing Slime Rancher on PC Gaming Console

If you ever tried playing Ragnarok before, then you probably remember the cute jelly-like creatures known as Poring. It’s a common type of monster in the game that appears as a jelly-type harmless creature which tends to swallow everything it’s see. It’s cute and it bounces. It was so popular during those days that the franchise even created stuffed toy and plushies of porings that added to the company’s source of revenue. They are undeniably adorable and irresistible–which is very much the same reason why I was urged to download the game Slime Rancher in my PC gaming console.

As you can, Slime Rancher has creatures that pretty much resembles Ragnarok’s poring, and like the former, they look so adorable. Developed and published by Monomi Park, Slime Rancher is a new game just released last January 15, 2016. It follows the story of the main character named Beatrix LeBeau, which the player controls. She’s a young rancher from Earth who travelled to a planet known as the “Far, Far Range” which the sole purpose of making a living out of wrangling slimes. Equip with her trusty vacpack (vacuum/cannon/bagpack), Beatrix sets out in an adventurous path of defeating slimes, staking claims and avoid the peril that an avalanche of slimes can bring.

Playing Slime Rancher on pc gaming console as a first person game

Slime Rancher is a first-person game that offers a sand-box experience where you can explore the vast world of Far, Far Range while trying to solve problems and survive throughout the course of your adventure. Use your vacpack to vacuum up and shoot up anything you see, from the slimes to the carrots you grow in your farm. You can also customized your own ranch and travel the wild world of Far, Far Range in jetpack style. Plus, you can create and breed new slimes from thousands of slimes there is, and make profit.

An adorable game to play on PC Gaming Console

Aside from various cool things you can do inside the Slime Rancher world, the game also offers a pastel-like colorful world that you will definitely enjoy. It also gives you the freedom to do the things you want in the game, such as collect slimes, feed them and keep them happy. As of now, the game still has a lot of blocked maps and several unknown things that the developers are planning to release on the next updates. With it’s smooth control and easy gameplay, it’s no wonder that Slime Rancher has already been considered as a success by its developer, and the popularity it has gained is pretty remarkable.

Slime Rancher can be downloaded at Steam or in its offical page:

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