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ADC Champions You Definitely Need to Learn in League of Legends

ADC Champions played on gaming laptop from League of Legends

Playing either on your gaming PC or gaming laptop, League of Legends is one of those few games that you’ll definitely enjoy playing. Approximately having 67 million players worldwide, League of Legends nominates the online gaming industry alongside with DotA 2. But why? Maybe because it’s a teamplay game that lets players take on different roles. One of these roles is ADC or attack damage carry champions that is found on the bot lane along with the support. These ADC champions or marksmen/ADR are long-ranged damage dealer that has one of the most important roles in the game.

And if you’re planning to learn how to play LoL, then we made a list of champions that you definitely need to learn playing.

● Ashe


Ashe is probably one of the first ADC that would be available for you to use. She’s easy to learn but definitely one of the hardest to master in a pro game. Her role in the game is often as a marksman, playing in the bot lane along with a support but she can be a major carry during clashes–all thanks to her ultimate skill, the Enchanted Crystal Arrow. This skill allows Ashe to fire a large arrow made of ice that hits the first enemy in its direction, dealing damage, stunning and slowing his movement.

● Caitlyn


Caitlyn is another easy ADC champion to try during your first games, but she definitely can be the ultimate carry when played correctly. Her first skill which is Piltover Peacemaker greatly works in harassing enemies during the early game. While her third skill, 90 Caliber Net, can greatly be used for escaping. Her ultimate skill which is the Ace in the Hole, fires a homing projectile to her target which deals immense damage.

● Ezreal


Ezreal was usually first built as an AP champion, even though his originally a marksman. Although a very fragile champion, Ezreal is a versatile marksman thanks to his high mixed damage and his incredible attack speed. Due to his long range skills, Ezreal can pretty much sustain the lane and keep himself alive. His ultimate skill, the Trueshot Barrage can deal high burst damage that can hit multiple targets.

● Graves


Graves can be a very-tanky ADR carry throughout the course of the entire game. He mostly deal physical damage and can harass enemies during early game. His ability, Smokescreen is a versatile ability which allows him to either escape or set up a kill for his allies. Quickdraw, on the other hand, lets him get into range, while his Buckshot can give immense damage.

● Lucian


Armed with his ancient weapons, Lucian is an effective ADC champion that can own the bot lane if paired with the right support. Try playing him with his archenemy Thresh and you’ll definitely know what I’m talking about. His versatile ulti, The Culling lets you fires shots in a specific target location for three seconds, which is pretty much a lot of time to damage your opponent and kill them.

● Miss Fortune

Miss Fortune

The Bounty Hunter, Miss Fortune, is also one of the easiest champion you can learn in League of Legends. Often paired with Sona, she can harass enemies with her Make-It-Rain skill where she makes bullets rain from the sky, slowing enemies and damaging them. Double Up can also harass enemies as well especially if they are marked by Miss Fortune’s Love Tap. Lastly, Miss Fortune’s ultimate skill, Bullet Time, deals great damage as she fires several waves of bullets in a wide direction.

● Sivir


On last season, summoners under gold division and above was rewarded with Sivir’s victorious skin. Also known as the Battle Mistress, Sivir has gives a player a different feel compared to other marksmen champions. Her Boomerang Blade and Ricochet skills are very effective in harassing the enemies during early game. And her ultimate skill, On the Run, gives her and her allies 60% added stats in their movement speed to catch opponents running for their lives.

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