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What Playing Support Feel Like in League of Legends

Playing as support in LoL is like picking up a stone and smashing it on your head or more likely, it’s like picking up your gaming laptop keyboard and smashing it. Why? Well, first and foremost, you’re the member of the team less likely to be able to carry. And worst, when things go wrong, you’ll probably be the one to be blame… or the jungler. And as a support main, I know how tough it can be so here’s a post that describes how we feel when playing our favorite role.


Support game on gaming laptop revoleves around keeping your team alive

During clash, every single support know that our main goal is to keep each and everyone of his/her teammates safe. Yes, whether the ADC is an aggressive noob or if the AP mid is a feeder. We have no choice, because we ARE the support. Unlike most role who only need to save their ass, we need to save everyone else aside from ourselves. And if somebody is likely to die, we’d much rather it be us than any of you. We’re not only champions, but we’re HEROES, that sacrificed ourselves to keep everyone safe. So don’t look down on us.


Support's greatness is being unnotice as played on gaming laptop

Just like Hawkeye is to Avengers or Aquaman is to the Justice League, we supports and our efforts usually go unnoticed. Playing ADC or AP Mid with a stat of 30/6/10 will earn praise but for a support to get a stat of 2/5/38 will not. Come on, how unfair is that! Yes, we aren’t killing machines but hell, our skills pretty much damage the enemies too. Besides, most supports have the greatest CC skills such as Sona’s Crescendo, Bard’s Tempered Fate, Janna’s Monsoon, Lux’s Final Spark, and Soraka’s Wish to name a few.


as played on gaming laptop it is thought that support is all about ward giving

We’re not ward-pooping machines, people! Yes, there’s no denying that a big part of our job is to ward the lane to keep the ADC safe from danger. But at most, we supports can only place one vision ward and three stealth wards, which means there are going to be many spots on the map that still aren’t warded. If you’ve got a trinket ward sitting in your inventory, then why not use it? For freaking sake, it’s free!


It's a mental torture

Although I love playing support, I think one of the main reasons why people don’t like the role is because of how the role is treated by other players. Throughout the game, your teammates will demand you to buy wards, keep the ADC safe, ward the whole map if possible (yes, it’s a big joke) and give everyone the kill. And if the support fails to do any of these, well, we’re immediately blame for the loss. No matter how good a support plays if a team wins the game it’s because of the carry and if the team loses it’s the support’s fault (or the jungler’s). It’s a stressful role, and a mental torture to some.


Wearing yourself out baby-sitting the ADC

“Okay, because I know that you’ll be vital during the late game, I’ll try my damned-nest to keep you safe and alive at all time,” says the support to the ADC. But ganks happen and sometimes, players die. But if somebody has to die in the bot lane, I’d sacrifice myself just to save you. But in the same process, I’d pretty much be thankful if you’d save your ass as well. So if we’re low at health, and I stop to CC the enemy or distract them, don’t think of this as your go-signal for a triple kill. We supports sometimes have to do what any other of you couldn’t, we sacrifice ourselves like good little lambs, to keep everyone of you safe so don’t ruin that with a greed for kill or a rescue-attempt that could turn their ganks into a double kill.


one does not simply play a support on league

Playing as a support is not an easy task. Actually, all roles in the game is not easy. Therefore, everyone has a vital role in the game. Playing League of Legends needs teamwork. So I’d pretty much suggest that each and everyone of us should be kind to our teammate. Communication is key. No matter how cliche that sounds.

And for other support players like me, even if we aren’t likely to be noticed in the game–that sometimes it drives us to quit playing the role…always remember this thing: ONLY SUPPORTS CAN KEEP HIS TEAMMATEs ALIVE AT HIS MERCY. 🙂

Teammates are alive because of the support

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