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10 MOBA Terms Every Gamer Should Know

10 MOBA Terms Every Gamer Should Know

With the popularity of MOBA games such as DOTA 2 and League of Legends, there’s just something about multiplayer online battle arena that makes everyone so curious about its gameplay. It is by far the most popular genre of game played in a gaming PC. But entering into the MOBA community is like stepping into a whole new place. The community itself even has its own terms that would literally mean nothing to you if you haven’t played their game. Here are several terms that you definitely would encounter in a MOBA game.

● Gank/Ganking

Gank or ganking is often referring to an ambush which involves multiple allies attacking unsuspecting opponents in a lane. Ganks are often executed by champions or heroes that hold the role of a jungle. Often coming from the neutral camps, these junglers will suddenly appear or jump out on an enemy’s lane helping their allies to defeat their opponents.

● CC or Crowd Control

More popularly known as CC, it refers to skills/abilities or items that can affect several enemies during teamfights or clashes. This involves executing skills that can stun, silence or slow several opponents in one blow. This also involves heroes that can debuff and decrease defenses. An example of a hero from DOTA that has crowd control ability is Crystal Maiden and her ultimate skill Freezing Field. While from League of Legends, we have Annie, the Dark Child.

● OP or Overpowered

OP or overpowered is the term used for champions or heroes that have powerful skills that can be used as an early advantage for an easy win. A hero or a champ can also become overpowered when built with the right items.

● Turret

Turrets are those defense tower which often protects your main base from your opponents. These defense towers can act like cannons that will attack any enemies that come nearby its range.

● Ultimate

Ultimate or usually typed as “ulti” refers to the last skill or the ultimate ability of each champion or hero present in the game. It is oftentimes considered as a character’s strongest ability, and is usually executed by pressing the “R” key on the keyboard.

● Minions/Creeps

Minions are those critters in the lane. Friendly minions are those that are spawned by your allied inhibitors or barracks, and marches toward enemy turrets with the main intention of destroying it. Enemies also have these minions and they also wants to destroy your turrets.

● Wave

Wave often is referred to the series of minions/creeps being spawned by the inhibitors or barracks.

● CS or Creep Slain/Creep Score

Getting that last hit on a minion or creep gives a certain amount of gold to a champion or allied. This gives an advantage point to that hero or champion for being able to attain a larger amount of gold during the early game, and buying more items he needed to get stronger.

● Feed

Feed is oftentimes refer when an allied champion gets killed multiple times by the enemies, which gives them more money and more experience thus being the reason why they even grow stronger. That’s why you would often hear terms such as “don’t feed the enemy team” especially if you’re a newbie.

● Clash

Clash refers to teamfights and is considered to be the main theme of the game. This is where the action happens and where players gaming abilities are really tested. You would often hear the term when allies are suggesting a team fight to occur so everyone can destroy a tower.

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