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ARK: Survival Evolved – Survive and Train Dinosaurs

ARK-Survival Evolved

Ever been curious as to what it feels like during the Stone Age? How humans have survived the brutality of nature and avoid being preyed upon by primeval creatures like dinosaurs? Then how about trying a survival game that revolves around a mysterious island filled with primeval dinosaurs and creatures, as well as various natural hazards? A game you could love enjoying on your 4k gaming laptop with its advanced graphics? Then Ark: Survival Evolved is the perfect game to boot.

Ark: Survival Evolved is an action, adventure-survival game that lets player take control of a man or a woman that is left behind a mysterious island known as ARK, all naked, starving and freezing to death. To survive you need to learn how to hunt, harvest resources, craft new items, and build shelters. And the best part of the game is that you can tame, train, breed and ride dinosaurs. You can play the game from either the a first-person or third-person view, with its world navigated on foot or through riding a dinosaur. Players can collect several firearms or scavenged them from the environment, or you can even improvised new weapons to help your character hunt or defend your base from other players online who are also trying to survive, dominate and escape.

Survive and Train Dinosaurs

And to survive and dominate in the ARK, you should learn how to tame and train dinosaurs for your advantage. There are sixty different kinds of dinosaurs present in the game, each with different abilities. By taming a dinosaur, you will be able to access its abilities such as its statistics like speed, health and damage. The game also allows you to breed dinosaurs and even take control of the pack to help you defend or even attack an enemy’s base.

Survival Evolved

Along with it’s well-detailed graphics, Ark: Survival Evolved features a prehistoric setting complete with primeval animals like the saber-toothed cat and woolly mammoth. It creates this stunning and almost-realistic living ecosystems and predator hierarchies based on scientific studies. And since it’s an open-world multiplayer world environment, you can create your own tribe and add friends to it, where all your pets can be commanded or allied by anyone in the your tribe. ARK possessed an imposing environment with natural and unnatural structures, complete with different landforms and waterforms, you can search and explore for new creatures and dinosaurs.


ARK: Survival Evolved is developed by Studio Wildcard, Instinct Games, Efecto Studios and Virtual Basement LLC, and was released on Jun 3, 2015.

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