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Time of Dragons: Unleash the Dragon Rider in You

Time of Dragons-Unleash the Dragon Rider in You

Dragons have always been a figure of fascination and imagination. Perhaps considered as the most famous mythical creature alongside vampires, werewolves and fairies, dragons can be found from fiction novels such as Game of Thrones, animation films like How to Train Your Dragon and especially in animated cartoons like the most famous one, Dragonball Z. But imagine a game wherein you can ride a dragon and use it in battle? And to make things better, that dragon is also armed with lasers and missiles? Well, that’s what the game Time of Dragons is all about!

Developed and published by 4 I Lab for Microsoft and Mac OS gaming PCs, as well as for SteamOS + Linux PC gaming console, Time of Dragons is a massively multiplayer online shooting game where players can ride different dragons armed with advanced lasers and missiles as they battle into a wide open-space setting. The plot of the game revolves around two highly advanced races known as Atlans and Neils which has an on-going war with each other. Their battle units are these gigantic flying dragons controlled by their adopiants, or riders. Each of the dragons in the game possessed special abilities, and can be armed by different kinds of artillery like missiles, mines, different plasma beams and smokescreens. Customized your dragons to make them stronger and prove that you’re the best adopiants in the world.

A good 3d tactical shooting game

The Time of Dragons is considered as a gem for gamers who love a good 3d tactical shooting game. It has excellent graphics, absolutely stunning aerial combats and views, and an outstanding creature animation. The game features an epic PvP among dragons, and has a dragon improvement system. It also has several various modes, and offers beautiful locations for each battle. The game offers a large variety of dragons and skins that you can select from, and a realistic animation that you’ll surely love playing on a high resolution monitor.

Time of Dragons

And the best thing about this game is that it’s free-to-play. You can download Time of Dragons on Steam at It was just released on February 1, 2016, and the developers promised to update the games and add in new features every month.


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