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Robocraft: Build, Drive and Fight

Robocraft-Build, Drive and Fight

Have you ever imagine yourself piloting a Gundam machine or something as similar as a Jaeger in Pacific Rim? Well, then perhaps you might want to try this indie game in Steam called “Robocraft”. Released on July 8, 2014, this game was developed and published by an indie company named Freejam. It’s a free-to-play game that lets players build their own robots or robotic battle vehicles, and pilot during battles.

Robocraft is also a massive-multiplayer RPG that lets you interact with hundreds of players worldwide, challenge them into combat and compare robots with each other. You can customize your own robot anyway you want it, add thrusters or wings, or include tank tracks or rail cannons. You can even add weapons from the future to make your robot stronger. And as stated earlier, this game allows you to pilot your own robot and drive it into battle using jet cars, flying warships, helicopter or drones–whatever you like. Craft your robot machines and make sure they are fit to battle against players all over the world. What’s more exciting is you can create platoons and battle on the same time with your friends, and defeat enemies together.


Build your own futuristic robot by using over 200 cubes and components that you can collect and combine in the game. There is no limit to it, and you can create hundreds of different robocraft design. What’s nice in this game is that it constantly changes, with new updates and new parts to keep you interested. It adds new weapons, components and other functionality every month, which makes upgrading your robocraft necessary. Another great thing about this game is that everything you need for your robot to be the strongest can be gained free, which makes it more competitive to keep pace with other players worldwide. The game also provides an in-game chat, and can let you invite friends online.

Robocraft Full Spectrum Combat

This competitive free-to-win multiplayer online game runs on Windows, Mac OS and in SteamOS + Linux on pc gaming console, steam machines. This free-to-play game can be downloaded on Steam in this link:

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