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DotA 2 Gameplay: Best Dynamic Duos of Heroes

Aside from being the most popular MOBA game, DotA 2 is also one of the fastest growing community there is in the gaming world, provided that now this game can also run on a SteamOS + Linux pc gaming console a.k.a. steam machine. This gives us gamers an additional console to enjoy this exciting multiplayer game along with billions of people worldwide.

And since DotA 2 is teamplay computer game, strategies and combos are primarily needed to ensure one team’s victory. This includes selecting heroes with skills in sync with each other like when selecting a duo. Duos or dual lane heroes are two-selected heroes that greatly work together when their skills are combined. Such tactic can help the team during clashes provided the the two are well-synchronized and can work out their skills as combos. Here are 5 of the best duos I have seen so far:

● Axe + Dazzle

Axe is probably one of the best strength type heroes going side with Chaos Knight and Sven. He’s very durable especially when built with the right items and seemingly invincible once he has Heart of Tarrasque in his inventory. So imagine pairing him with this another irritating carry named Dazzle that has a second skill that can protect its dying ally from doom in a span of 5 seconds, and an ultimate skill applies a buff that increases the armors of his allied heroes while decreases the armor of enemy heroes. So imagine your hero being in the target area of Dazzle’s ultimate when Axe decided to pull out his Berserker Call and Counter Helix, and then finish you off with his Culling Blade. This duo can also not be easily eradicated during early game since Dazzle can easily heal Axe with his Shadow Wave and save him from death with his Shallow Grave.

● Sven + SandKing

Sven and SandKing are both strength type heroes that when combined gives a team a massive force that is hard to reckon. SandKing can easily dominate the early game and prey on your creeps with his 2nd skill, Sandstorm. And once his enemies’ health has already been decreased that’s when Sven can throw out his Storm Hammer, stun his enemy and deal damage. You can be harass by these two and once they reached level 6, it’ll be much harder for their enemy lane to deal with them especially considering the fact that these two have a first skill that can both stun and deal damage. One of the best combo moves I have seen in this two is when Sven’s activates his WarCry then deliver his Storm Hammer to his enemies followed by San King blinking into the midst while unleashing his ultimate skill, Epicenter.

● Jakiro + Undying

Although Jakiro is an intelligent type hero, you can build him into tank/support hybrid that can be an ultimate carry in the game. Jakiro is great for harassing enemies with his Dual Breath and Liquid Fire, it’s great for killing creeps as well, and keeping enemies at bay. Undying, on the other hand, is also good in harassing with his Decay and Soul Rip. Best combo is when Undying decides to plant his Tombstone and spawn Zombies as Jakiro blows out his IcePath then unleash his MacroPyre. Undying can then turn into his Fresh Golem mode, slow enemies and kill them as they burn into Jakiro’s MacroPyre.

● Venomancer + Juggernaut

Venomancer is an agility type hero that works well in harassing the enemy in his opponent lane with his three skills including his Venomous Gale, Poisonous Sting and Plague Ward. With Venomancer Poisonous Sting, he can slow enemies while damaging them as Juggernaut can execute his Blade Fury and deliver intense damage to his enemies. Another combo that these two heroes can do is when Venomancer deliver his Poison Nova and poisons enemies while Juggernaut finish the job with his Omnislash.

● Dazzle + Slardar

An intelligent type and a strength type makes this two duo seemingly normal but there’s more to that than meets the eye. During early game with Dazzle’s Shadow Wave and Shallow Grave, Slardar will be kept alive no matter how the enemy heroes harass him. Shadow Grave will also keep Slardar immortal for a matter of seconds, enough for him to kill his enemies with his Slithereen Crush and Bash. Dazzle’s ultimate skill, Weave, goes well with Slardar’s Amplify Damage both decreases enemies’ armors making them easy targets.

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