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Darkest Dungeon: Gothic Roguelike Turn-Based RPG

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Ever dream of a game that doesn’t only test your tactical and strategically capabilities in the battlefield but also deals with how you can manage the psychological stresses of your characters brought by his environment? Well, think of a crossover between a turn-based RPG like Final Fantasy and a psychological horror game similar to Amnesia, this is what Darkest Dungeon has to offer to gamers worldwide. It is certainly a game that you would enjoy playing on a portable gaming laptop.

Described by IGN as “an awesome game of tactics, management, and pushing your luck” and by Game Informer as “an incredible take on the classic dungeon crawl”, Darkest Dungeon is a dark-fantasy turn-based combat RPG that come with adventure, fights and psychological stresses that players have to deal with. Developed and published by Red Hook Studios, this indie game was first developed in the year 2013 and was just released this January 19, 2016 for Windows and Mac OS X. The player deals with a group of heroes that he needs to manage as they explore the dungeons below a gothic manor. According to its developers, the concept of the game is actually based on the film characters that have experienced stress and trauma similar to those of Aliens and Band of Brothers. This means that you will not only battle monsters and turn-to-reality nightmares, but also deal with the stresses that your heroes faced and keep them sane through their journey.

The best known feature of the Darkest Dungeon is its Affliction System which lets you deal with your heroes’ paranoia, masochism, fear and irrationality. The main goal is to keep them alive while keeping them sane. This is what makes this game a bit more challenging compared to other turn-based RPG games. The Darkest Dungeon also features a unique hand-drawn gothic crowquill art style. The game offers more than 14 playable hero classes, and offers a classic CRPG and roguelike features. Plus, with its innovative turn-based combat that lets you learn the right combos and skills to defeat each of the monsters you encounter in the game.

The Darkest Dungeon is available in Steam for the price of $24.99. It is compatible to Windows XP to Windows 7+, and OSX 10.9+. It requires a minimum memory of 2GB RAM and a recommended memory of 4G RAM. For other information regarding the game, you can go directly to its Steam Page at

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