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SteamOS + Linux Games That You Should Have on Your Steam Machine Library

Gone are the days when a gamer was only defined by the video game CDs he owns, because now it can also be measured by his steam library. After the PC gaming console known as Steam Machine was released in the market last year, the steam community even grew bigger with gamers supporting the newest gaming console. And if you probably have you just bought your steam machine and doesn’t have an idea yet on what games you can play with it, well here are 7 games that worth a space in your steam machine.

● DOTA 2

Play the most famous MOBA game in the world in your Steam machine, and select from hundred of heroes to battle out wits in this action and strategy game. Defeat enemy defense structures and their “Ancient” to win the battle against a team of five players as you cooperate with your own team. Every hero has different set of skills and abilities that when perfectly combine with the skills of their allies can create a fantastic gameplay like no other. Graphics are improved more than ever, and DotA 2 is a growing phenomenon in the gaming industry.

● BioShock Infinite

Booker and Elizabeth are back! Bioshock Infinite lets you control the character of Booker DeWitt, a U.S. Cavalry veteran and now hired gunner as he tries to wipe his slate clean by rescuing a mysterious girl named Elizabeth in the flying city of Columbia. Complete unlikely mission and enjoy various weapons and vigorous powers through its gameplay.

● Borderlands 2

The four cooperative shooter game lets you experience more with its Ultimate Vault Hunter’s Upgrade. Play as a first-person shooter and team up with friends as you complete missions as one of the four treasure seekers known as the Vault Hunters in the planet of Pandora; it features an exciting online collaborative gameplay, a wide array of weapons and shields to use, and lets you decide what your character looks like with its advanced character building element.

● Team Fortress 2

Considered as one of the most popular online action games online, Team Fortress 2 is an action RPG game that lets it players choose from 9 distinct classes with different tactical abilities and characteristics. Collect, buy or trade a variety of weapons, artillery, hats or costumes for your character to use and create him as your own. It offers several game modes that you wouldn’t get tired of playing.

● Spec Ops: The Line

Play this unique and intense third-person view shooting game with a rich story plot and exciting gameplay that is worth your time. It puts its player in the middle of gripping and unexplainable situations that lets you make choices that affects other lives, challenging your morality. As a soldier based in a ruined Dubai, battling devastating sandstorm, you’re main goal is to locate survivors and radio for Evac while finding a man named Col. John Konrad to save Dubai from a complete downfall.

● Cities: Skyline

Create your own city with this single-player city building simulation that lets you control the entire urban planning from road placement, taxation, public transportation, zoning and public services all while maintaining the city’s budget, population, employment, and the happiness of its people. It has challenging simulation with districts and policies, and has an extensive modding support.

● Sheltered

Sheltered gives you a post-apocalyptic experience that lets you take control of a family that is trying to survive in a post-apocalyptic environment. Your goal is to gather supplies, keep your family alive and protect them from harsh apocalyptic environment, and protect your shelter from hazards and danger. You need survive from radiation, mental exhaustion and claustrophobia, while trying to scavenge everything you need for your shelter.


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