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LoL Gameplay: A Guide to Roles and Lanes

LoL Gameplay-A Guide to Roles and Lanes

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With the newest update in the League of Legends Ranked Game, RioT provided a different approach by creating a draft page where players starts off by picking up positions before queuing up to find a team. With this new champ select, a player can now choose two positions from top, mid, bot, support, jungle or fill–which gives much more importance to the roles existing in each of the different lanes.

But for beginners, how are roles so vital in one game especially in this MOBA games, and how they can affect the flow of the game. Could picking up the right roles and the right lanes lead to a higher winning rate? To answer that question, here is a simple guide that will introduce you to the different existing roles in the League of Legends.


TOP Game Play

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The top laner often goes to a player who loves choosing champions with massive attack damage or a tank type build. It’s a solo lane which means you’ll probably spend the entire early game, dodging ganks, taking the last shot on creeps, and trying to kill your lane opponent. And yes, it will be probably boring until the opponent starts ganking you but once you’ve manage to control the lane, and become stronger. You’d take on the role as an initiator during clash. Most top-picked lane champions include Fiora, Nasus, Darius, Garen, Gnar and Shen. The Rift of Herald also was a great update from LoL to balance out the game by putting it on the top map as it balance out with the dragon located on the bot lane.


MID Game Play

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The mid laner often goes to an AP or ability power type of champion such as Katarina, Ahri, LeBlanc, Ryze, Lux and other champions. Like the top, the mid laner plays against a solo opponent. And since you’re on a solo lane, this means that you gain experience at an increased rate over time compare to the jungle and bottom champions. You’re early game goal is to gain as much last hit on the creeps, and try to control the mid lane. This also means that if it’s possible; destroy the opponent’s mid turret as early as you can. This gives your team a bit of advantage during all mid clashes.


BOT Game Play

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The bot lane is probably the busiest lane there is, consisting of two champions the bot ADR/ADC and the support. But since the support has a different role, we’ll focus on the other bot champion which is often the ADR (attack damage range-type) or the ADC (attack damage carry) champions. These champions are usually marksmen such as Miss Fortune, Lucian, Quinn, Graves, Jinx, Ezreal and the most famous, Vayne. The bot is where the gank mostly happens, which is why your first goal as the bot laner is to survive. You’re very much useful when you’re alive, and please, don’t feed the enemy’s ADR or it could lead to your team’s downfall. ADRs can be an aggressive killing machine when fed and build correctly. If you somehow managed to survive on the early game, try to control the lane, CS as many as you can, acquire the dragon with the help of your jungle, and kill your opponent without endangering yourself.



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At last, we came to one of the dreaded roles in the Summoner’s Rift, the Support. Many players don’t actually like playing it, since they think all you have to do is to babysit your bot duo champ and poop wards everywhere. But as my main role, supports can do more than that. Supports can basically control the game at their will especially when you select champions with great crowd control skills such as Sona with her Cresendo, Sejuani with her Glacial Prison or Bard with her Tempered Fate. These ultimate skills have amazing effects and graphics that make LoL worth playing in a 4k gaming PC. With such great control skills, they can act as both initiator and disabler during clash. Oh, and let’s not forget, other best-played support champions like Thresh, Soraka, Alistair, Nami, Janna, Annie, Blitzcrank, Leona, Annie, and my favorite, Bard.



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Another one of the least-picked roles in the game is the Jungler. The reason behind this is probably it’s the hardest role in the game. First, you don’t have a lane to kill creeps and level up instead you have the whole camp to deal with. Second, you are expected to execute well-perfected ganks. And third, you have to be an overpowered, hyper carry. But candidly speaking, most of the junglers are overpowered like Master Yi, Nidalee, Jax, Tryndamere, WuKong, Xin Zhao, Shaco, and many other more. You’re goal is to deal with the camp, engaged fights without endangering your team, create a synergy between each champions and execute early ganks to push opponent lanes.

Each of these different roles carries out tasks that are needed for a teamplay to be successful. Communication is vital, no matter how corny that sounds. Be good to your teammates, and they’ll be good to you. And my last advice is that you should enjoy the game. Hope to see you at the Summoner’s Rift!

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