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Kerbal Space Program: More Than Your Average Indie Game

Kerbal Space Program

Image source from Steam

If you’re not a fan of indie game then Kerbal Space Program may entirely change your perspective. Developed by Squad, Kerbal Space Program is an indie flight simulation that allows players to create their own spacecraft and pilot it to help the alien species known as Kerbals on their goal to conquer space.

Officially released on April 27, 2015, this indie computer game has gained recognition even before its beta version which became available on Steam 2 years before its release. It was also included in the top 5 best sold games on Steam during that year. Due to its graphics and gameplay development, Kerbal Space Program was fondly received by several publications and media. GameSpot referred to it as a “space sim” that doesn’t just let you enjoy creating your own spaceship but also interact with these minion-like green creatures called Kerbals while exploring space.

Kerbal Spacecraft

Spacecraft: Image from Kerbal Space Program Forum

Another great thing about Kerbal Space Program (popularly known as KSP) is that you can support several mods including Microsoft Windows, Linux, Wii, PS4 and XBox One. And since you can download KSP on Steam, you can also play it on pc gaming consoles or Steam machines. Kerbal Space Program also teaches several things about our heavenly bodies while also allowing each player to modify and customize their own space program which is a very cool thing especially if you once dreamt of becoming an astronaut. Actually, several renowned scientific communities had shown interest over the game including NASA. In short, Kerbal Space Program is your one-way ticket to Rocket Science!

Here are other things that make Kerbal Space Program, an indie you must try:

● It has three modes to play: Sandbox, a mode wherein you can build your spacecraft according to your whatever you like, Science Mode which requires the player to perform scientific experiments to advance the current technology in your space program, and third the Career Mode, where you have to manage each aspect there is in your space program including its administration, crew and reputation.

● The machinations of your spacecraft are physic-based. It sticks to facts and science.

● You can fly to the moon and other planets with your spacecraft, and have your own space adventure.

● Your spacecraft has a real system-like mode wherein you must monitor engine levels, temperature and fuel.

● Plus, you can research and develop several technologies for your space program.

Kerbal Space Program is available on Steam for $39.99.

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