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Jhin, The Virtuoso: New League of Legends Champion Released


Photo Source: League of Legends

On last week’s post, we’ve tackled about the mysterious teaser for the new champion to enter the Summoner’s Rift, and now the long wait is over so better get your PC and gaming laptops ready for the new champion has arrived. Jhin, the Virtuoso, is finally revealed along with its skills and origin. And yes, people, after Kindred another ADR is about to be on town, and he’s seems to be overpowered–and a psycho to make things worse.

Although introduced by League as the slowest ADR in the champion’s list, Jhin, The Virtuoso, is very much capable of taking his time to deliver a sure and perfect death to his enemies with a touch of beauty. Revealed to be originally an Ionian prisoner who was freed by the shadowy elements ruling the Ionian council, this artisan killer has now embraced the life as a cabal’s assassin, bring beauty and death on his path. A meticulous psychopath who believes the killing is an art, Jhin uses his gun as his medium to create his artworks into his enemies deaths through his powerful skills and take pleasure on his cruelty–turning each fight into a theatre play of his own accord.

“Our performance begins.” – Jhin, Virtuoso

Jhin is a marksman that can not just offer his team a great assassin but also can work well in either turning the game around with his ultimate skill, Curtail Call, which lets him fire four rounds that can struck all the enemies it can hit on its path. The first enemy to be struck down by the bullet in front will automatically slow down and deal damage based on his missing health. While his fourth and final bullet guarantees to deal a great damage and always land as a critical hit.

Here are Jhin’s complete list of abilities including his passive (Images source from

● Passive: Whisper


Jhin’s gun chamber consists of four bullets with it’s final shot landing as a crit and dealing an extra damage based on his missing health. After firing four shots though, Jhin takes some time to reload.

● Q: Dancing Grenade

Jhin throws a cannister to a targeted enemy which upon its landing deal damage and bounce up to four times on other nearby enemies. If an enemy is killed by dancing grenade, the following bounces will deal extra damage.

● W: Deadly Flourish

Passive: Enemy champions who were struck by Jhin’s enemy attacks, Captive Audience, or any allied damage are marked for a few seconds.
Active: Jhin fires a long range shot that damages all enemies and minion within the target

● E: Captive Audience

Jhin sets up a trap that turns invisible after arming. Once an enemy champion steps on it, the trap will trigger and mark him, creating a slowing zone in the same process. After a pause, it will then explode causing damage.

● R: Curtain Call

Jhin takes time to assemble his weapon before taking an aim on his target direction, revealing all marked enemies within its path. He will then fire four shots within the target, damaging all enemies on its path. The first bullet to struck the enemy on front will slow down and deal damage on Jhin’s missing health similar to his Dancing Grenade. While his fourth bullet automatically lands as crit and deals massive damage.

According to League of Legends post, Jhin works well with Darius, Nautilus and Morgan, and struggles with Yasuo, Lucian and Jarvan.


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