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Why Building Your PC Can Be The Best Thing Ever

PC Building -  best thing ever!

Image Source from MegaDeblow, Youtube

Every gamer dreams of having a powerful rig PC to play the most advanced games that recommend high mods to execute. However, buying a gaming PC costs a lot, and let’s face the truth that not all of us have a budget for it. But this doesn’t mean we can own one because instead of buying one, we can actually build one. Yes, building your own gaming PC can actually save you money and aside from that, you have full control over the hardware you choose including its video card.

Although there are several misconceptions about building a gaming PC and that most people think it is hard, building your own actually gives you a lot of options and pros, and some of them are the following:

● Customizations – build it anyway you want.

Try to go over the net and search for the best DIY gaming PCs and you’ll be surprised that some of them looked even better than those already-made. By building your own PC, you actually have full control on what you want it look like. Some gamers don’t even buy any CPU case for their motherboard and instead build it inside their computer desk or have created their own custom CPU case made.

● Bloatware aren’t needed.

Perhaps, one of the most incredible advantages when building a PC is that there is no space for bloatware. Bloatware are those software that you don’t actually need but comes with a pre-built computer, these are those warranties or proprietary programs from the PC’s manufacturer that does actually slows down your computer. Yes, people, your PC doesn’t actually need them.

● Complete control over each hardware parts.

By building it you indeed have full control on which hardware parts to use. You can buy quality but low-costs cooling system and for the motherboard, but go all out in spending for your graphics card, memory and processor–and voila, enjoy the best from your gaming PC. You can also pick out your own 4k monitor, and it will instantly turn into your own 4k gaming PC nirvana.

● Save up money.

Building your own gaming PC will actually save you far more than you know. There are several resellers of PC parts that actually have discounts. Aside from that, you have control over your money when buying different parts.

● You can pick your own OS — yes, even if it’s Linux.

Gone are the days that you can only use an OS that your pre-built PC offers. With your own-made gaming PC, you can either use Linux or the latest Microsoft Window operating system. You can even use both if you want for a dual-boot gaming computer. How cool is that?

● Plenty of resources.

You actually don’t need to be an IT to actually build your own gaming PC. There’s Google, Youtube and even Reddit to ask several professionals online. There are also numerous blog posts that include step-by-step procedures.

● Sense of accomplishment.

After you have done building your own gaming PC, what better way to celebrate it than to actually press the power button and witness that your spawn is actually working. There is no greater accomplishment for a gamer other than this.

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  1. Bloatware is one of the biggest pains of getting a pre-made computer, so I am glad to see that it’s entirely possible to avoid that. The PC building community is a great one too, because there’s tons of resources and veterans of the field out there to help. Thanks for sharing!

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