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Home » Skyforge: A New Approach on RPG’s Leveling Format and Class System

Skyforge: A New Approach on RPG’s Leveling Format and Class System

Skyforge - A New Approach on RPG's Leveling Format

Initially announced to be released on 2014, Skyforge was an MMORPG that was developed by Group’s Allods Team. It has been in development since 2010 and was just released last year, giving us some real good meat and insights about the game and why did it take so long to be created. And surely, Skyforge didn’t disappoint us.

Unlike any other typical RPGs, Skyforge introduces something new to us, gamers: instead of the usual leveling format of your character’s progression, Skyforge has a “prestige” system. This system based your character’s progress by summing the total of your stats and development. And as your character gain more prestige, gears, contents and followers will be unlock. Once your character has received enough prestige to turn himself into a god, the gameplay allows you to manage your followers thus gives you more power and stats.

Another feature that Skyforge has that you can’t find on any other RPG games is that it allows your character to change classes any time you want. This also allows you to change armors and weapons at your will. At first your character is allow to choose from three starting classes: Cryomancer, Paladin and Lightbinder. Once you’ve reached the “god” and “elder god” prestige, all the 13 classes will be allowed for you to use alchemist, archer, berserker, cryomancer, gunner, kinetic, knight, lightbinder, monk, necromancer, paladin, slayer and warlock/witch. This feature allows you to enjoy each of the classes with the same character—an enough reason to keep yourself from getting bored.

With these two features, Skyforge has open up new possibilities in MMORPG and with its stunning graphics which I recommend that you should check out, it may be the best RPG game to try on your gaming PC this 2016.

Skyforge introduces you to the world of Aelion where fantasy, medieval-age and technology are all mixed up into this steam punk-like version of Sparta. You start off as an immortal soldier given a task to defeat a legion of evil creatures called Virds. After defeating the Reaper on your first quest, your real adventure starts as you find your way to become a god and save Aelion.

Here’s its cinematic trailer:

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