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Oculus Rift: The Future of Virtual Reality Gaming is Coming this 2016

Oculus Rift

On January 6, Mark Zuckerberg posted a status on his Facebook account stating the future technology he’s been helping and funding to build. And when we saw the word “Oculus” in it, like all giddy gamers, we couldn’t help but not to read the whole thing. In the said status, Mark announced the release of the Oculus rift virtual reality project which was on-going since 2012. It was on 2014 that Mark bought the Oculus VR for 2 billion dollars and Facebook stock which its designer, Palmer Luckey pretty much agreed. And we couldn’t be happier to see this long-ago VR headgear concept to finally become a reality.

Oculus Rift Coming This Week

Drawing as closer to the world of virtual reality, Oculus VR will be the first virtual reality head mounted display to be released in the market. By March 28, Oculus will start shipping these VR headsets in 20 countries. And although offered for a hefty price of $599, many people think that it is not the price that matters but the new world of gaming and virtual reality experience it will give to its users. And that was what it brought during its demo at CES 2016 just this January 6.

Oculus VR gives us the chance to enter another world where we could be what we want, go on realistic adventures and be our own characters in the games we play. It brings virtual closer to reality as you can say. Aside from this, Mark Zuckerberg also sees the VR headset as a new means of effective communication and way to connect with people all over the world. Yes, Mark, we can clearly see that happening during our real-time gaming in Skyrim or Diablo III.

With Oculus VR being released this year, people are already naming 2016 as the year of “virtual reality”. We could only hope that the graphics will provide us with surreal settings as 4k gaming PC could, and with that we know that us gamers have finally reached the gaming nirvana.

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