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Mind of the Virtuoso, a Teaser of the New League of Legends Champion

New League of Legends Champion Teaser

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It’s been over a month now since Illaoi, the Kraken Priestess, was introduced to the Summoner’s Rift, and we couldn’t help but no to be thrilled when League of Legends posted a teaser video of their upcoming champion on their official Facebook page.

The video was titled “Mind of Virtuoso” along with the captions “I will make you beautiful. I will make you perfect.” Unlike previous champion teasers, this video gave a rather artistic impression all thorough the stills except on the last part where you could see an ornate gun being fired by an unknown entity which was revealed to be a masked man. Now, the question is, will it be like Lucian, Graves or Miss Fortune? Due to its artistic concept, the video got everyone guessing who this new champion might be and what history he has.

Prior to the released of the video though was a noticeable update titled “Deadeye” which shows videos and animated Champion portraits of 4 champions including Zed, Sona, Garen and Vi. Each animation seems to have shown that the four champions were shot in different parts of their body: Sona was shot on the throat, Zed on the eye, Garen on his armor while Vi was shot on the heart. Now with the release of the video, gamers are interconnecting the two teasers and said that the new champion is behind “Deadeye” teaser. What we don’t know is why these champions were shot and the history of how it happened in the first place. Are they getting new looks? And their old basic skin will turn as traditional skin like Soraka and Gangplank? Well, that is something will know in the future once the champion is released.

Here are some of the still from the “Deadeye” teaser from

“Deadeye” teaser from NewsofLegend NewsofLegend “Deadeye” teaser “Deadeye” teaserLeague of Legends Champion Teaser

But as we wait for this, here are some tidbits from regarding the new champion. First, as it was seen in the video, the new champion is obviously a male. Second, he probably might not have a three hit passive and according to some, he is likely to be named “Jhin” as seen in the title of the images uploaded in the “Deadeye” teaser. This new champion is designed by Gypsylord which also gave life to Gnar, Vi, Jinx and Ekko, so I kind of have this feeling that this new champ might have that steam punk feel you can see to his previous champions from Piltover. Utora from Riot also has been teasing people regarding the new champion’s voice referring to it as “100% pure psycho”.

We only hope that this new champion is release as soon as possible. So get those gaming laptops and PC ready because we don’t only have the preseason to be excited about but also for the arrival of this new champion. Way to go Riot!

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