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The Best RPG Games to Play on Your 4k Gaming PC

High definition gaming is a popular trend in the recent times, and one of this is 4k technology. With four times the pixels used in 1920 X 1080 screens, 4k gaming on 4k monitors is a new step towards the wide color range and pixel quality that can be offered to the users… making games breathtakingly immersive and surreal. But of course, to enjoy 4k, one needs to know the best games that were created to suit the graphics brought by 4k. And that’s what we’re here to share today.

• The Witcher 3

The Witcher 3

While console gamers are still arguing over whether the latest Witcher 3 patch dialled down the game’s graphics, members of the PC elite have been firing up CD Projekt’s epic third-person adventure in a blaze of 4K glory. From shadows to architecture and natural surroundings, The Witcher 3 looks beautiful while playing. So far, the game succeeded in achieving the critics and good reviews which would not have been easy without the 4K technology. Publications are also referring this game as one of the best RPGs ever made.

• DiRT: Showdown

DiRT Showdown

This racing game has breath taking thrill moments which looks even real on a 4k monitor. DiRT Showdown is still one of the best-looking arcade racers out there and its Destruction Derby-style thrills are even more heart-pumping on a 4K monitor. Developed by Codemasters, DiRT Showdown has neutered physics, clunky multiplayer, limited driving venues and reduced off-road racing options offering thrill while it lasts.

• Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare

Call of Duty Advanced Warfare

The latest entry into the Call of Duty franchise, Advanced Warfare aims to banish all memory of the muddy textures that plagued its scarily ugly predecessor, Ghosts. After three years in development it appears to have succeeded: Warfare’s high-octane firefights are nothing short of stunning a 4k gaming PC thanks to its sharp visuals. The human models are made lively with detailed weaponry makes the gaming experience wonderful. 4k also helps Advanced Warfare to have sharp visuals keeping the game interesting even while crawling on the ground or running on the battle field.

• Dishonored


The game was nominated for ‘Best Graphics’ and ‘Best Art Style’ at the time of the release. However, use of 4k entirely changed the beauty of this game. Taking time to admire its convincing water effects, the Orwellian-era buildings like the Hound Pits Pub, and bizarre Pandyssian wildlife, ogling Dishonored’s visuals in 4K can prove a welcome distraction to clearing your name of murder.

• Dying Light

Dying Light

The game has highly detailed graphics which will require serious GPU power for the best experience. Now with 4k technology, it helps you to see things crystal clear and breathe taking while you look outside a window or while using deadly weapons against the zombies. Dying Light in 4K has you smelling the breath of the Zombie hordes while watching blood ooze from their rotten, bashed-in craniums.

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