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Essential Games You Definitely Need in Your PC Gaming Console

Steam machines or gaming pc consoles are making noise now in the gaming industry. And if you happen to be planning on getting one or already have one in your living room, then let us help you in finding the right games you should store in its library. In no particular order, here are our picks for the best SteamOS games.

• Bioshock Infinite

Bioshock Infinite

BioShock Infinite is a first-person shooter video game developed by Irrational Games and published by 2K Games. It follows the story of Booker DeWitt, a veteran of the U.S. Cavalry, indebted to the wrong people and is now a hired gunner who was given one opportunity to wipe his slate clean. He must rescue Elizabeth, a mysterious girl imprisoned since childhood and locked up in the flying city of Columbia.

• Portal 2

Portal 2

The Portal series is linked to the Half-Life series. It revolves around the Aperture Science which have done experiments to know whether human subjects can survive going to “test chambers”, until the GLaDOS, an AI suddenly killed all its employees.

• Half-Life 2

Half-Life 2

Half-Life 2 is the sequel of Half-Life. Developed by Valve Corporation,released on November 16, 2004. Half-Life 2 lets the player take on an adventure where he can affect everything around him, from the environment to the emotions of the people around him.

• Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor

Middle-earth Shadow of Mordor

A fan of LOTR? Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor is a game set on Tolkien’s LOTR world. A player’s goal is to fight through Mordor and uncover the origins of the Rings of Power, to defeat Sauron.

• Borderlands 2

Borderlands 2

Borderlands 2 is the second game in the Borderlands series and the sequel to Borderlands. In this game, you can play as one of the hunters, facing off monsters, creatures and psychos in a apocalyptic world.

• Left 4 Dead 2

Left 4 Dead 2

Left 4 Dead 2 is the sequel to Turtle Rock Studios’s Left 4 Dead. Play as one of four new survivors which will fight off the undead armed with their weapons and artillery.

• DOTA 2


Dota is one of the famous MOBA games inthe history. Each player can select a hero that has skills and abilities used to defeat the enemies. It’s a team play consists of 5 players against another team. The main goal is to destroy the enemy’s base just like any other MOBA games.

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