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5 Reasons Why Gamers Wants a Steam Machine

5 Reasons Why Gamers Wants a Steam Machine

Steam machines are making the gaming industry abuzz as the new perfect PC gaming console that might just beat the PS4 and Xbox One in the near future. And if you don’t have an idea yet why people are suddenly buying this gaming engine, well here are few of the reasons that might turn your back on Sony and Microsoft.

1. The Steam Machine will launch with over 1,500 games.

The Steam Machine has the current biggest games libraries with more than around 700 compatible games to 1500.

2.You can use your steam machine as a PC.

Steam machine is a gaming console not a PC but has a dashboard similar to a PC desktop which provides gamers a more user-friendly, console interface compare.

3. You can either use a keyboard/mouse or a PS4/Xbox controller.

Another surprising thing about the steam machine is that it is compatible to either any pc output devices such as keyboard and mouse, and is also compatible to your old gaming console controllers.

4. The Steam Controller is said to be the best gamepad ever.

The Steam Controller first appeared in 2001, and since then it went under several changes and finally was designed as a  two versatile trackpads that can bring the sought-after precision any keyboard or mouse can deliver.

5. You don’t need to pay in order to play online.

Steam Machines doesn’t demand on any subscription fee, so you’ll be able to play without any charge.

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