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This is How a 13-Year Old Convinced His Parents to Buy Him Grand Theft Auto

Grand Theft Auto, no doubt, is one of the most popular games that were ever made for gaming PCs. That’s why we’re not entirely surprised when a thirteen year old boy went beyond the usual ways to ask his parents for the latest version of the game. However, how he did it was something remarkable and hilarious that we couldn’t help not to share it with you.

On Oct. 27, Jestersheister uploaded her son’s extremely detailed Powerpoint to Imgur. In it, the young teen explains why he should be allowed to play “Grand Theft Auto V,” despite “all that disgusting language, violence, and sex.” Your first thought may be that something like this won’t work out, but the presentation was so hilarious, his parents simply couldn’t say no. Yes, people, his parents were actually convinced by his presentation.

So how did he exactly do that? Well, why don’t you sneak at some of the slides included in his presentation?

Grand Theft Auto V

Convince you to let me buy it

Effective enough to win over his parents, Jestersheister explained, “He’d sold us like three slides in … Initiative and creativity go a long way.”

The problem of why I can't

The solution

And here’s the part where he explained how he will promised to avoid playing the campaign, saying how he only wants to play the parts where he could own cars, shoot guns, race, play fun maps and make his own maps—or how he say it, the “safe-ish fun part” of the game.

How it works

Oh, and did I mention that he also made this 3 steps of how his whole compromise would work. What a smart kid!

Consumer and Facts

And who could believe this? The little guy even prepared 3 different final slides. This was if he got a “yes.”

The End

Jestersheister’s admitted though “If he’d just said “Can I get GTA? I won’t play the campaign,” it’d probably be a no”. However, what the kid did was something none of us have ever thought of doing when we were at his age.

At the end, the kid got what he wants. And we’re all here, wondering why we didn’t think of doing the same thing back then.

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