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7 Types of Players You’ll Meet in MOBA Games

MOBA games are hype these days, from DOTA to League of Legends, or HoN (Heroes of Newerth. These MOBA games are usually consists of 2 teams with 5 players, controlling different units/characters known as heroes or champions, and the main goal is to use different strategies to destroy the enemy base.

And since, it’s a team play; you should expect to meet different kinds of people. Some of them are good, and others are not. So we decided to create this article to introduce you the different kind of people you will definitely meet in any MOBA game.

The Leader

I don’t know if he’s a pro player or not, but he’ll usually lead the team or suggest things for your team’s strategy. He usually plays the character in the mid lane or the top lane. He knows how to carry himself, and have probably played almost all the characters in the game so he knows how you can play the one you’ve chosen more efficiently for your game to win.

The Noob

He is a new player, probably installed the game yesterday. He is still learning the controls, the key locations on the map, the jungle monster camps, all the heroes released until today and their skill sets. And probably, he will also be the cause why you’re going to lose the game today.

The Positive Guy

He’s like the sunshine on a stormy day, and even though you’ve almost lose half of your towers; he still believes that your team can do it and you can miraculously win the game. Well, such thing can happen if he’s good at playing his character and can manage to bring the team to victory. He just never surrenders—a morale booster for the team. And you’ll very much like to team up with this guy on a good day.

The Troll

The troll finds amusement through the misery of others. Yes, he’ll play his role, but he’ll usually just let your team down by picking off his team mates. Most of the time, the troll does not care about game objectives, although some trolls prefer to use extraordinary tactics to win. The type of trolls you’ll usually meet in the game are those that will pick champions not suited for the lane they chose. He is usually the reason why you end up smacking the keyboard of your gaming laptop.

The Selfish Guy

One thing only matters to him: HIMSELF. This guy lives in his own world. This player just likes to show off, or probably would want to have all the kills and assists on his game statistics. Oh, and did I mention that all of his effort to kill your enemies is so he can brag it in the end.

The Quitter

The type of gamer you definitely wouldn’t want to be on your team. He’s the type of gamer that will quit even if you’ve just lost one of your towers to your enemy. And why? Well, he thinks your team is hopeless and it’s going to lose anyway. Sometimes even a single mistake of a team mate can make him surrender. He will most likely leave the game earlier, before it has ended, or just go AFK until the match is finished. So please make sure to report this type of player. We just don’t need teammates like him—period.

The Complainer

Sometimes also called as the child, this player like to complain, whine and just can’t help to shut his mouth. The problem here is that they usually quit playing when they don’t get what they want or when nothing goes their way. He’ll complain that the jungler doesn’t help him, that the support sucks, or that the mid is feeding the enemies. He sees the mistakes of his teammates.

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