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Things You Definitely Need to Know About The League of Legends World Championships

league of legends world championshipIf you’ve been on the gaming parts of the internet over the past week, you’ve probably seen or heard something about the League of Legends World Championship. It started earlier this October, and with three of the four groups decided and six of the eight knockout stage teams set in stone, we move forward to the final day of group play at 2015 Worlds Sunday.

So before we move on to the final day of group play, and you’re still quite confused about the whole world championship. We round up some of the most important details you probably should know about this year’s World Championship.

• First and foremost, the World Championship is not the same thing as the League of Legends Championship Series that ended in August. It is also the biggest League of Legends eSports event of the year, but it’s not the only one.

• The World Championship is basically the conclusion of the past year’s regional League of Legends tournaments. Throughout the year, League teams compete in their own region to try and qualify to play in Worlds, since there are only a few spots available for each region. The five main regions that feed teams into worlds are:

league of legends world championship teams o North America: North American League of Legends Championship Series (NA LCS)
o Europe: European League of Legends Championship Series LCS (EU LCS)
o Korea: League of Legends Champions Korea (LCK)
o China: League of Legends Pro League (LPL)
o Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Macao: League Master Series (LMS)

• With LGD Gaming unexpectedly defeated by Origen, a lot of League eSports followers have speculated that this might be the first time since the original World Championship games back in 2011 that a Western team will win. Korean and Taiwanese teams have won the past three years.

• What makes the whole event exciting is that it’s one of the only chances they get to see the very best players from each region compete against one another. The whole World Championship is a month-long event with 16 participating teams namely:

Group A:

o Counter Logic Gaming (North America)
o Flash Wolves (Taiwan)
o KOO Tigers (Korea)
o paIN Gaming (Brazil)

Group B:

o ahq e-Sports Club (Taiwan)
o Cloud9 (North America)
o Fnatic (Europe)
o Invictus Gaming (China)

Group C:

o Edward Gaming (China)
o SKTelecom T1 (Korea)
o H2K (Europe)
o Bangkok Titans (Thailand)

Group D:

o LGD Gaming (China)
o KT Rolster (Korea)
o Team SoloMid (North America)
o Origen (Europe)

• Want to keep updated with the latest game. There are four main ways to watch Worlds live in your gaming laptop.

o The Riot Games’ Twitch channel.
o Riot’s LoL Esports YouTube channel.
o The LoL Esports Azubu channel.
o The LoL Esports Website

• The biggest surprise of Worlds so far is the swift and unexpected downfall of the thought-to-be-great Chinese team LGD Gaming. Everyone expected them to start strong, but they ended up losing all three of their beginning games. They lost to the Korean team KT Rolster and their game against the European team Origen. They even lost their game against the American team Team SoloMid (TSM).

• But while LGD Gaming has been a big disappointment, SKT is not even breaking a sweat and keep on winning their games. League fans are keeping a close eye on the 2013 World Champions SKT and their star player Faker, with everyone wondering if this will be their triumphant comeback after their fall from grace in 2014. Lots of people are waiting to see what happens once SKT faces the other top contenders in the tournament.

Either ways, let’s hope that the two teams that will make it to the finals will give us the best show ever. The Finals will take place on October 31 in Mercedes-Benz Arena in Berlin, Germany.

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