STEAM has been a haven for various game genres. Most games today are pricey and will cost you heaps of dollars, not to mention the constant release of DLCs which are needed in some games, which is especially true for online multiplayer games. Though some are discounted, it will still put a dent in your wallet and account. The good news here is, STEAM also offers FREE GAMES and to top that, they hold positive reviews from players. Here are some of the diamonds worthy of your PC gaming console experience


ALIEN SWARMThis top-down SCI-FI shooter game has the feel of Left 4 Dead series as it incorporates the same four-player team system. Though, instead of zombies and other infected enemies, aliens are going to swarm your team down (as the title suggests). It has a variety of aliens to throw down with your friends and many objectives to achieve.


PATH OF EXILEAn action RPG game that is surprisingly FREE-TO-PLAY. It compromises the experience of top RPG games like Diablo and others. Very good graphics, gameplay, and story. Still, unbelievably, FREE.


MINERVAYou missed playing Half-life? Well, MINERVA is a game for you. Basically, MINERVA is Half-Life 2 and takes the same world with it but with different protagonist to control and follow. It holds a very positive review on STEAM. This mod is highly recommended if you already have Half-Life 2. Try it out!


UNTURNEDVisually, you’ll remember Minecraft on this awesome game, but instead of building and crafting, you must play to survive against zombies roaming around. Find help, ammo, and weapons in the different towns to help your survival. You can choose to play alone or go online and play with friends. Behind its simplicity, the game is viewed by gamers as a “Very Positive” game with 120,000 reviews on STEAM.


TEAM FORTRESS 2Are you craving for a multiplayer FPS online game? Well, why not Team Fortress 2? The good news? IT’S FREE! There is no single player campaign mode, but that won’t matter once you play with thousands of players in this game. It has a gameplay you can be hooked on easily, game modes to keep  you entertained for dozens of hours, tons of weapons to buy and unlock, and humor and funny voice overs. With more than 240,000 reviews, this “Overwhelmingly Positive” game deserves your gaming time and experience.

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