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Three Games for the Independent-Spirit Gamer!

Are you the type of character who’s into heroic RPGs? The kind of gamer who loves to play the part of a valiant protagonist whose main goal is to fight for freedom, his country or village, or for the one he loves. These characters are usually the ones we love and the ones that stays in our mind. We don’t know why but we can sympathize with their goals and embrace the will that drives them as their stories unfold within the game.

If you’re a brave fellow who’s down for a virtual adventure as I am, then here are three games that you will definitely want to play on your gaming PC this weekend.

Assassin’s Creed

Assassin’s Creed“Nusquam est verus sulum res est licitus”, a phrase from the Assassin’s Creed franchise that means “Nothing is true, everything is permitted.” Assassin’s Creed is the perfect historical-fiction, action-adventure video game ever made! Developed by Ubisoft, Gameloft and Griptonite, the game franchise offers 9 installments in total and 13 side-story games. The AC games primarily revolve around the rivalry between two ancient secret societies: the Assassins and the Knights Templar. While the game is presented through protagonist Desmond Miles, the bulk of the game is played as Desmond experiences the memories of his ancestors through a device called the Animus. The game is generally presented as a third-person in an open world, focusing on stealth and free-running.


Assassin’s Creed PlotlineSet in the year 2012, Desmond Miles, the main protagonist, is a descendant of several lines of prominent Assassins. Although raised as an Assassin, he left his nomadic family to seek out a more common lifestyle. He was then kidnapped by Abstergo Industries, the modern-day face of the Knights Templar, who are aware of Desmond’s ancestral lineage.

With Abstergo seeking to discover the location of the “Pieces of Eden,” that holds enough power to control the fate of mankind, Desmond is forced to use “Animus”, a device that allows him to experience his “ancestral memories”. Later on, Desmond encounters a small team of modern-day Assassins who agrees to help him. He uses their version of the Animus (the Animus 2.0) to continue experiencing the memories of his ancestors to discover the locations of additional Pieces of Eden so they can be recovered before Abstergo learns of their whereabouts.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3

Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3“It doesn’t take the most powerful nations on Earth to create the next global conflict – just the will of a single man.” A powerful phrase from antagonist, Vladimir Makarov. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 is the third installment in the Modern Warfare saga and considered to be the best-selling video game in the Call of Duty series. Released in 2011, it features a first-person shooter, political war thriller video game, offering various game modes such as campaign, cooperative, multiplayer, special ops and call of duty: elite. The game portrays the return of the former Task Force 141 Cpt. John “Soap” MacTavish, former S.A.S. Cpt. John Price and Russian informant “Nikolai” as they attempt to stop Russian terrorist Vladimir Makarov from executing his plans to control Europe using Russia’s nuclear arsenal as a show of force.


Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 Plotline After MacTavish, Price and Nikolai killed General Sheperd, they evacuated to a Russian loyalist safe-house in Himachal Pradesh, India. But upon knowing their hideout, Makarov sent forces out to kill them. They were saved by Yuri, a man who has a common grudge against Makarov. Yuri decided to help the three out in return that he could kill Makarov.

As the war between Russia and the United States concluded, Makarov attacked a plane enroute to Hamburg with the Russian President, Boris Vorshevsky, on it. He revealed his plans to have Russia control Europe entirely, using the country’s nuclear arsenal as a show of force. Vorshevsky refused to give over the nuclear launch codes, leaving Makarov no choice but to locate his weakness: Vorshevsky’s daughter, Alena, and use her. To ensure his plan succeeds, Makarov plants chemical bombs in Europe, where they are instilled into every major city in NATO affiliated countries on the continent. He was able to detonate them, despite the efforts of an SAS team trying to prevent this from happening in London.

Metal sends info to Price’s team to free Alena from captivity and sends an assassination squad to kill Makarov, and stop him from his evil plans.

BattleField 4

BattleField 4“We are not leaving you behind! No one gets left behind!” was Graves heroic statement in Battlefield 4. Battefield 4 is a 2013 first-person shooter video game developed by EA Digital Illusions CE (DICE) and published by Electronic Arts. Praised for its multiplayer mode, gameplay and graphics, it sold over 7 million copies and became a commercial success. Battlefield 4 ’s single-player campaign takes place in 2020, where the tension between Russia and the United States have been tense due to a conflict between the two countries that has been progressing for the last six years.

Battlefield 4 revolves around Sgt. Daniel “Reck” Recker, second-in-command of a U.S. special operations squad call signed “Tombstone”. Tombstone is joined by CIA operative Laszlo W. Kovic, originally known as “Agent W.” from Battlefield 3 ’s Campaign, and Chinese Secret Service agent Huang “Hannah” Shuyi as they try to end Admiral Chang’s tyranny.


BattleField 4 PlotlineSet in Baku, Azerbaijan, the Tombstone Squad consisting of Recker, Dunn, Irish, and Pac escapes the city, with vital intelligence in hand and Russian Special Forces in hot pursuit. At this time, Admiral Chang is planning a military coup d’état, and if ever he succeeds, he will gain full Russian support. This plan includes the assassination of Chinese presidential candidate Jin Jié and convincing the Chinese that the United States was the one responsible.

Along the story, Tombstone is given several missions to stop Chang from completing his plan, which includes the rescue of three VIPs: Kovic, Hannah, Hannah’s husband, and an assault on the Chinese-controlled Singapore airfield to destroy Chinese air superiority, and protect Jin Jie along with Hannah. Chang tries to destroy the US marines that are in China’s ocean territory. While the USA marines with Tombstone stand to protect the navy ship and the people in it including the still-alive, President JinJie.

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