Tartarus Keypad Gets Chroma Update

Razer continues to push its new Chroma system by adding the flashy RGB lights to the Tartarus Keypad.

The Chroma system has been displayed across a number of Razer keyboards, mouses and headsets, providing a flashy customization for competitive and casual gamers alike. Allowing the player to select their desired colors through an SDK spectrum, in addition to customizing their keyboards to their respective games, Razer’s Chroma presents a new, aesthetic twist to equipment customization.

Razer Tartarus

The, already individualized, Tartarus Keypad combines comfort, customization and color for a solid product to add to the Chroma line-up. The Tartarus Keypad, prior to its upgrade, boasted its 25 programmable keys and 8-way thumb-pad making it the perfect left-hand compliment while one’s right hand may be occupied.

The Chroma line has made its way into the hearts of several Razer products so far, and it appears that this is only indication that there will be more products to come. The Chroma Tartarus Keypad is set to be released on June 26 and anyone can pre-order the product through the Razer website. Staying at the price of $79.99, gamers who value customization, and of course pretty lights, will have to see if this is a product that’s worth their cash.

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