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Grand Theft Auto 5: Is it Better on PC?

Although already released in 2013 and 2014 for PlayStations and Xbox consoles, GTA V was just released for gaming PC last April 14 of this year. And since then, gamers all over the world using different gaming consoles and devices have debated over the web on which gaming device is the best for playing Grand Theft Auto 5.

Said to be the most anticipated PC games of 2015, this game for some people might be the second or third time they’ve bought the same game so why bother to spend another $60? Well, here’s a screenshot comparison of the game being played in PS3, PS4 and PC.

comparison of the game being played in PS3, PS4 and PCLook how clearer and the realistic it looks like in PC? Just imagine what it would look like in a 4k gaming PC. This is the reason why other gamers are itching to get their hands on GTA V: PC Version even though they have already finished the game and know the entire plot.  For GTA players who want to experience the world in fine detail and its most beautiful form, then the PC version is the one for you. With the immense detail available in the game and the eye flashing graphics, it also features a ‘Just for PC’ where players can look at special videos in the game.

Another thing is that the GTA PC version has certain features that the console version doesn’t have. Being a gamer, choosing between the use of keyboard and mouse or a controller, the smooth control you have over a mouse in a first person game is a plus. Although, of course, there are other games where a controller might suit you better including Skyrim or sports games.

Lastly, what makes the PC version more special is the mod. Mods allow you to virtually edit the gameplay and put in new scenarios, including alternate cars, graphical updates and some even creating more scenarios for you to enjoy and make it a completely new game to enjoy. And the GTA V PC version allows this freedom which makes it more exciting and enjoyable to play.

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