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What is VenomX?

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We’re very excited to announce the launch of our VenomX service today. At the simplest level, VenomX is a way for customers to configure products from their favorite manufacturers just the way they want. There is a lot more to VenomX though, and we’ll detail a few of those things in this post.

Our first VenomX partner is MSI, so we’ll use MSI as the primary example. Our VenomX service with MSI offers three different products: the MSI GAMING All-In-One, the MSI Nightblade Z97 barebone, and a special Venom MS Series custom CYBERPOWERPC desktop. So?

Well, normally if you wanted to purchase one of the extremely nice MSI GAMING All-In-One PCs, you would be forced to choose from a set list of configurations. For example, one option might have a 120GB SSD and 8GB of memory. Another might have a 1TB hard drive and 16GB of memory. What if, for example, you wanted to get the 27″ MSI GAMING AIO with a 250GB SSD and 16GB of memory? Well, if that option didn’t exist in the retail market, you would be out of luck. VenomX changes that by letting you configure your MSI GAMING AIO exactly the way you want it.

The same thing goes for the MSI Nightblade Z97. Though not as limited as the AIO PCs, customers would previously purchase the MSI Nightblade Z97 from a retailer and need to install a number of parts themselves before having a working PC. This is great for people with the knowledge and ability to build out a PC in a tiny little chassis, but those wanting a complete MSI Nightblade system without having to build it themselves had no option – until VenomX that is.

But VenomX isn’t just about the upgrades and customization. The VenomX Advantage includes several distinct and very important things:

  • VenomX Build – Your VenomX order will receive automatic rush service so that it is guaranteed to ship from our warehouse within 72 hours of processing. You’ll also get free professional cable management so your system has the best possible airflow and future workability. The combined value of this package is $90.
  • VenomX Ship – What good is rush service when it still takes forever for your system to get there once it’s been shipped? VenomX includes a free upgrade to 3 Day Air shipping anywhere in the country. No need to wait around 5-6 business days for your PC to arrive. That’s a $99 value.
  • VenomX Boost – We normally charge a small premium for our overclocking service. With VenomX, however, and in this case with MSI components, we’re sure that we’ll be able to overclock your system that we will do it for no charge at all. $19 value.
  • VenomX Service – You know fastpass at Disneyland? This is kind of like that. As a customer with a machine purchased through VenomX, you will get prioritized customer service. You’ll also get an enhanced warranty package above and beyond the industry-leading warranty we already offer on our PCs. This is normally an extra $199, but it’s free for VenomX customers.
  • VenomX Enhanced Packaging – We’ve got a special new packaging material that we will use for all VenomX orders that will help protect against the unavoidable perils of shipping. Your VenomX machine will be suspended in air inside the box so nothing can damage it. Another $19 value.

So, all together, in addition to the performance upgrade and customization options, you’re also getting 5 perks with a total value of over $400 on every single VenomX machine. We think you’ll agree that this is the BEST way to customize your favorite MSI GAMING products.

In the coming months, we will be adding many more manufacturers to the VenomX Advantage, and when we do, we’ll be posting about it on our social media pages. So, make sure to follow us on Facebook and twitter to keep up to date!


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