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Gothalion: Borderlands 1 Multiplayer

One Saved. One Dead.

The Truth of Longevity

A bit over a month ago, it was announced that all Gamespy online services would cease to exist post May 31, 2014, and with that announcement the fate of many games’ online multiplayer functionality hung in the balance. One of which is near and dear to me… Borderlands One. I reached out to Mr. Randy Pitchford (Head of Gearbox Software) on the status of my beloved gem to which he replied “Its being worked on by TOP MEN” in classic Randy fashion.

So now we know the outcome. But its a mixed bag, of sorts. In a 2k Blog it was stated that the PC version of Borderlands One would be migrated from Gamespy to Steamworks, though online functionality would lapse for an unspoked brief period. This is good news. Very good news, as Steamworks generally offers better connectivity than gamespy and that integration will make it simpler to locate games to play through your Steam friends list. So Yay! Victory!

But then there is the other side of the coin. Playstation 3’s version of Borderlands One will be losing its connectivity completely. 2k has stated that there is still hope as they investigate to see if it is even possible to migrate the service but the situation seems pretty grim. While the Borderlands One community isnt huge anymore on Playstation 3, this still comes as a painful blow to long time fans of the game. The situation also reminds us that none of our favorite games are guaranteed for forever. Azeroth could go offline tomorrow (though highly unlikely), games like Phantasy Star Online have lost official support not even 8 years after launch. And these are games that at one point had a MASSIVE following.

My advice? Take some time with your favorite games. Enjoy them while you can. Dont take it for granted. The fun could be fleeting.

Post written by King Gothalion. Be sure to check out his pages on YouTube, Twitter, and Twitch below:

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