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Team Coast Interview Series: WizFujiiN

During their recent visit to CYBERPOWERPC HQ, we sat down with the members of Team Coast Gaming to talk about life as pro gamers and how their partnership with us has helped them as an up and coming LCS team.

Part 4 features Apollo “WizFujiiN” Price. Check out the video (transcription below)

CYBERPOWERPC: Tell us a little about yourself, how you got into gaming and eventually into League of Legends.

WizFujiiN: The main thing that brought me into gaming was that I had two older brothers. Instead of playing console games we got into computer games early on. Played a lot of Warcraft 3, World of Warcraft, Starcraft – all those regular computer games. Eventually I went from DotA to League of Legends and that’s how I got started.

CYBERPOWERPC: About how many hours per week do you put in to practice and competition?

WizFujiiN: Practicing is about all day – we wake up 9 in the morning and play until 12 in the evening and then go to bed, rinse and repeat, so it’s a lot of hours.

CYBERPOWERPC: How did you link up with Team Coast, and what role do you play in-game?

WizFujiiN: I played a lot of SoloQ and that’s usually how you link up with other players because they get to know you because you play with them so often. Eventually Shiptur talked to me and asked me if I wanted to try out for Team Coast and I guess I was good enough. I play AD Carry for Team Coast.

CYBERPOWERPC: What advice do you have for young gamers looking to get into the competitive scene?

WizFujiiN: You really have to be devoted towards it. It’s not something you can just casually do because it is a limited option and it is very intense, so if you’re really looking to get into the competitive scene, you just have to go all out and make sacrifices.

CYBEROWERPC: How has the partnership with us helped your team get better so far, and what things are you looking forward to down the road?

WizFujiiN: Having a steady practice where you can make sure the computer isn’t a problem or anything that’s not related to the actual game is a problem helps you ready to play scrims and practice all day.

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