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Team Coast Interview Series: Shiphtur

During their recent visit to CYBERPOWERPC HQ, we sat down with the members of Team Coast Gaming to talk about life as pro gamers and how their partnership with us has helped them as an up and coming LCS team.

Part 3 features Danny “Shiphtur” Le. Check out the video (transcription below)

CYBERPOWERPC: Tell us a little about yourself, how you got into gaming and eventually into League of Legends.

Shiphtur: I’ve always been kind of a closet gamer, I’ve actually been more into sports. When I was 10 I used to play a lot of Counter-Strike, and then I got really board of that and a bunch of friends said, “hey, just play this game with us, it’s called League of Legends”. I said, “yeah”, and here I am now.

CYBERPOWERPC: About how many hours per week do you put in to practice and competition?

Shiphtur: As a team we practice about 4-6 hours a day, in blocks from like 2-4PM and 5-7PM, and then after that it is just us grinding SoloQ to practice individual mechanics. Obviously we compete on Saturdays and Sundays, so every other day we just play the game.

CYBERPOWERPC: How did you link up with Team Coast, and what role do you play in-game?

Shiphtur: I play mid lane for team coast right now. I joined a little bit late back when we were called Team Dynamic. Eventually when we qualified for LCS, this is for the very first spring split, we changed our name to Good Game University, and now we’re Team Coast for this split.

CYBERPOWERPC: What advice do you have for young gamers looking to get into the competitive scene?

Shiphtur: It’s a big risk just throwing everything away and trying to commit yourself to this, but if you’re good and you have the talent, you’ll eventually rise to the top. I’ve seen a lot of amateur teams come up to me and say, “hey, could recommend a good mid-laner for me?”. I’ll always say things like “this guy is really good in SoloQ and he has good attitude…” If you’re a good player with good personality, you’ll eventually get there.

CYBEROWERPC: How has the partnership with us helped your team get better so far, and what things are you looking forward to down the road?

Shiphtur: Our old computers used to crash all the time during scrims and stuff. It’s really nice to be able to just focus on your game and not worry about if your mouse is going to break or if your computer is going to shut off today. It definitely helps to just focus on the game and know that our hardware is just clean and reliable.

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