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A Collection of Shenanigans

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April Fools’ Day is one of our favorite days of the year here at CYBERPOWERPC. Just this morning I was greeted by a piece of paper taped over the sensor on my mouse – and several coworkers were also welcomed by various acts of tomfoolery. As far as practical jokes go, though, nothing that happens at our office holds a candle to some of the things the interwebs spits forth on this day. Here are a few of our favorite tech-related April Fools’ Day jokes from 2014:

1. Google – Gotta Catch Em’ All

Nintendo’s venerable Pokemon franchise has a rabid fanbase eager to jump on any kind of news about the development of anything Pokemon related. Google was well aware of this when planning their annual April Fools’ Day project. The Pokemon Challenge recruiting tool actually launched yesterday but it is a doozie. Production value on the video is great, and the game itself is pretty fun. A few of the guys at the office had already caught a bunch of their favorite Pokemon by lunch time (FYI Charizard is in Yellowstone).


2. Corsair 250D UltraChill Edition

Corsair actually went to great lengths to build a working peltier-powered micro fridge in their Obsidian 250D SFF chassis. As a fellow “actual engineer”, I can appreciate the worksmanship on this product and honestly wouldn’t mind having one of these sitting on my desk. The video is pretty funny, too. ultrachill


3. Razer Eidolon

This is another case of wishing a faux product would actually come to fruition. Touted as the “World’s First Wearable Drone System”, Razer is playing on the internet’s obsession with drone applications, such as Amazon’s Prime Air delivery service. Eidolon follows you around and links up to special contact lenses with cutting edge micro-circuitry in them that let you see what the drone sees. Basically you can watch yourself in cinematic third person. You can also take some pretty terrific selfies. Don’t pretend like you wouldn’t use this all the time. Calling in the Cheeto airstrike is just an added bonus.


4. New Intel Smart Chip

This one speaks for itself.


5. Samsung and HTC Cyber Gloves

Hard to believe this one, as HTC and Samsung, rivals in the smartphone business, both decided to focus their April Fools’ Day jokes on wearable technology gloves. The HTC Gluuv actually reminds us a lot of the Nintendo Power Glove, which was incredibly bad-ass, while the Samsung Fingers is markedly less cool. Have a look at the product pages for both:


HTC Gluuv
Samsung Fingers

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