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Fangbook EVO HX7 Gaming Notebook with MLK Mega Sale Deals

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With the amount of savings available during each Mega Sale special, customizing the ideal gaming notebook can be a daunting task. In this post, we will explore important choices and customization options available for the Fangbook EVO HX7 during the MLK Mega Sale, and maximize a Fangbook EVO HX7 via its customization. Right from the start, the very first special is a $200 markdown ($100 off immediately and $100 through a mail-in rebate) and free shipping for the Fangbook EVO. This means from the very start, the Fangbook EVO HX7 is down $200 and shipping costs are nonexistent. Next up is the CPU. At the base configuration with an Intel® Core™ i7-4700MQ processor, the Fangbook EVO is instantly marked down $50 through the MLK Mega Sale. For those looking for a more powerful option, the next processor up, the Intel® Core™ i7-4800MQ, is clocked 0.3 GHz higher than the base i7-4700MQ, and this processor is actually marked down an additional $50; this brings the upgrade cost to only $110 for a 13% increase in CPU performance. Although the double memory upgrades of the past are not available in this Mega Sale, it is still worth noting that all base memory options (basic Corsair and major brands) are eligible to receive a free upgrade to G.Skill-branded memory. By default, the Fangbook EVO HX7 is also eligible for the NVIDIA Free To Play Phase 2 game coupon, which includes goodies from three great free-to-play games: Neverwinter, Warframe, and Marvel Heroes. In storage options, there are two options to choose between:

  1. 1TB 7200 RPM HDD upgraded from 500GB 7200 RPM
  2. 128GB SP900 ADATA SSD upgraded from 64GB SP900 ADATA SSD
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Because this offer applies to a single drive only, the deciding factor is between needing more space or needing a faster drive. It should be noted that the Fangbook EVO HX7 also has the space for a second drive although the doubled storage offer does not apply to it. Free peripherals are also available for selection. While the AZZA Multimedia Keyboard and AZZA Optical Gaming Mouse can both be added to the order, the real prize is the free ZALMAN ZM-HPS200 Gaming Headset, currently up for free through the MLK Mega Sale. And if the ZALMAN isn’t quite your flavor, the MLK Mega Sale also has Tt eSports’s Shock Gaming Headset with Noise-Cancelling Mic at 50% off its normal price! Finally, keep this new Fangbook EVO HX7 protected with a free copy of McAfee Anti-Virus Plus 2014 again thanks to the MLK Mega Sale.

And just like that, your customized Fangbook EVO HX7 has been made even better thanks to the deals offered by the MLK Mega Sale. Come back the next time when we customize a one of the MLK Mega Deal desktops with all the bonuses!

Deals will end January 20 and are subject to change due to stock, so don’t miss out!

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